August Shopping List: Planning My Purchases

August is a time of year in which I usually kick into gear, since summer vacation is mostly behind me and it’s time to start thinking about going back to work. Time to think about developing new and (hopefully, for the sake of my students) interesting curriculum.  Time to think about the routines I want to cultivate when life gets hectic again. Time to consider what I’m going to wear each day. Therefore, I present to you (dear reader) my August shopping list.

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Travel Purchases & Thoughts About Being Spontaneous


There are many things I focus on when I decide to buy something. I think about the fabric, leather, manufacturer, the color, how it will fit in with the rest of my collection, the price, likelihood I’ll wear or use the item… Really, it can take me a really long time to make a purchase*. Yet, when traveling all of these considerations are easy to ignore due to being rushed, being excited, or simply choosing not to think too much. Over the years I’ve learned that I tend to regret it when I totally throw caution to the wind and purchase items without much thought, and my bank account wasn’t pleased either. I was pretty determined to avoid these shopping mistakes, and here’s how things worked out.

Hermes Accessories 4

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Avoiding Shopping Fails: Planning Ahead

Following my latest series about shopping failures (part one and part two), I thought I’d share what I’m trying to do to avoid these errors. Having few(er) items in my collection has meant to me that each piece I purchase has to spark joy. It has to fill a gap. I have to want to wear it for many more days to come. No pressure!

I hope that by sharing my plan to avoid shopping mistakes you might be tempted to go on this journey with me, or at least be amused by this process. Either way, let’s discuss it.

Capsule Collection June16 1
My current capsule (esque) wardrobe. Includes two dresses, one tunic, one 3/4 shirt, four t-shirts (plus two more in the laundry), two silk tops, two black legging/pants, four cardigans (fifth not shown), and a large scarf/shawl.

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