On Writing

If you’ve ever seen my Etsy store, you already know my love of all things paper. While I like to keep most things digital, I think some occasions do call for writing, pen on paper. In this post I’d like to share some of my favorite paper and pen products, as I’ve been really enjoying mine recently.

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Transparency P.1: Thoughts About Discussing Worth and Effort

As I sit here to write a new post I must admit that I’ve been debating the topic of what it means to be transparent.

Looking through Instagram, I worry that my own sense of reality gets distorted by looking at images that show a lot of fun and very little hard work. A lot of consumerism, but very little care about people or the environment. A lot of curated moments, but very little of one’s true reality. A lot of fashion that I can’t connect with, and very few clothing repeats.

I think the same can be said about how we share our experiences with the world around us. When we highlight that which is glamours and hide that which was hard work, we foster the perception of a distorted reality in which our lives are always amazing, even when it truly isn’t. I think we pay a price for that, and perhaps that price isn’t worth it.

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When Stress Beckons

My life has turned quite stress-filled lately as my work requires more… Well, work… than usual, while my time to just do nothing has increasingly dwindled with other responsibilities taking up leisure time I once had. Self care has recently been making headlines as a way to reduce stress, and in this post I’d like to share my own way of finding some peace.

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Before We Catch Up & Glow Recipe

Just a quick post to let you know that I have now returned from my vacation and will be resuming my usual posting schedule (Tue. and Fri.) as soon as I catch up 🙂

In the meantime, I figured I’d give my readers something back. I’ve been fortunate to have some readers use my referral code to shop at Glow Recipe (giving me a $5 coupon every time they did), but I haven’t been shopping there myself as of late. I think these codes should be transferrable, so why not share these codes?

All I ask is that you let me know by leaving a comment whether a coupon code worked, and I’ll update the list to reflect that it’s been used. Here they are:


Hope these work, and thank you again for reading my blog.

Tel Aviv beach, July 2016

Polish It: Karma Organics Nail Polish Review

A few years ago I read somewhere that a less toxic nail polish is out there, and was curious to try to find one. I mean, if I am going to put something on my nails on a semi-regular basis, I’d like to minimize the effect it might have on my body- as negligible (or not) it might be. So, off I went looking and found two brands that seemed interesting: Karma Organics and Scotch Naturals.

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