Ode to Scrubs: Siam SEAS and Herbivore

There’s something very indulgent in taking the time to use body scrubs, but it can be a total bummer if the one you use is lackluster. Sometimes it’s the smell, the formula, the grains, or simply the sense that no benefit was gained from the process. In an effort to avoid this, I wanted to highlight the two body scrubs that I’ve enjoyed most, and can really recommend if you are in the mood for a little self-care.

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Winter Skincare Shuffle – February Edition

In college, I took a course (and even wrote a long thesis paper) about decision making processes. I focused on a political figure and his particular style of reaching a decision, learning along the way that our minds do get less effective at making decisions the more we are called on to make many decisions. It’s called decision making fatigue. You might wonder why I’m talking about this concept in a post dedicated to a change in my skincare regime, but let me assure you of its relevancy. Read More »

Come Cleanse Away With Me: Kypris and de Mamiel

So. It’s been truly a while since I’ve sat down to write a blog post, but let me assure you that it hasn’t been because I’ve decided to abandon this little writing project. I’ve seen many blogs I’ve enjoyed reading with a post bemoaning life getting in the way of blogging, and alas… I’ve now officially fallen into the same category. Starting a new job in the early days of September left me quite busy, and I neglected blogging and doing Yoga. Both of which are things I’d really like to get back to. Therefore, let’s just get back to regular programing.

In this post I’d like to discuss cleansing, since I really believe that finally getting it right has made a huge difference in the way my skin behaves, or shall I say… misbehaves.

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Updated Skincare Routine: All Kypris All the Time – August 2016

While traveling in Israel and Italy this July I’ve experienced another very low skincare moment when I woke up with a huge rash all over my face…And than had that same reaction a week later. Funny enough, I also experienced some of my best skincare moments ever when I woke up with a glowing complexion, also twice. Frustrated by my skin’s lack of ability to commit to one situation or another, and having decided to abandon Korean skincare products in favor of well formulated green beauty products,  I ordered a few things to try out since then. Here’s the tale, and here’s where I’ve ended up.

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