Working Out with Yoga Today (AKA: Yoga Galore)

Working out is not something I’ve been able to do persistently. Perhaps you’ve been on the same boat, and if you do you might be like me: fondly remembering days long ago when you actually did workout, felt better, and felt pleased about your weight. That’s something I can remember happening vividly about two years ago, made even more memorable by the fact I had to get all my pants resized! I’ve never been overweight, but it felt great to see a noticeable difference.

Fast forward to the last school year, and no matter how much I thought I’d be able to work out in a week, I never seemed to hit my stride.

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A Call for No-Judgment Minimalism/Curation/Possessions: Taking the Stress Out of Capsule Wardrobe & the Ownership of Things

This is a bit of a rambling, longer post. Just a heads up!

I recently read an article about buying and purging as bad shopping habits, and it made me contemplate my own approach to maintaining and expanding my wardrobe, and wardrobe minimalism. It made me consider how much we end up beating ourselves up just to follow what works for others and have it not work for us. It made me remember how stressed I was about what it means to have a minimalist collection.

I’ve already covered my own suggestions for avoiding shopping fails (part 1 & part 2) and my own concept of what a capsule wardrobe means to me, but before I read this article I didn’t spend too much time thinking about what it means to “fail” at building a capsule collection. I wanted to discuss this, and my thoughts about it in my blog, because I think the author makes some excellent points to consider when choosing to have less rather than more, and because I think we need some self-compassion when it comes to minimalism, curation, or ownership of things.

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