A Year With Hermes Picotin Review: The Bag I Learned To Love

It’s been about a year and a half since I purchased my black Hermes Picotin, my second Hermes bag. And you know what? It wasn’t love at first sight, but we’ve grown very fond of each other. Let’s review.

The Hermes Picotin Lock in the MM size (22 cm) is a bag I asked my husband to purchase for me while he was on a business trip in Germany a year and a half ago. I had never seen the Pico in person, but it looked like an understated, classic bag that some TPF ladies could wear on their shoulder. I had been looking for a shoulder bag, but I also wanted a bag that would be a little less casual than my beloved Evelyne.

Picotin 1.jpg
My Picotin in the MM size.

While I had really wanted my Pico in a brown or taupe color, when my husband texted me that the store had a black MM Pico and promptly sent me a picture of it, I decided to take the plunge. I thought the color might be a bit dull, but would be easier to wear than my red Evelyne that sometimes clashes with my various cardigan colors.

The picture my husband texted me from Germany, showing me the Pico in question.

When my husband arrived and unpacked my new bag, he could tell my reaction was a little less than enthused. It was hard to hide. I could tell immediately that there was no way I would be able to carry it as a shoulder bag due to it’s square base. The black color was indeed dull looking to me, and the MM size seemed a little too big for my needs. I resigned myself to using it for a little while… And then sell it to someone else.

Learning to use and hold my Pico.

And so, I started to use it. Since I wasn’t a traveling teacher the year I got Pico, and didn’t need to carry too much to work any more, I began using it as my daily work bag. I would carry my iPad Air 2, my LV Key pouch, and Hermes Calvi wallet, and still had much room to spare. It didn’t feel too cumbersome to hand carry it since there just wasn’t too much in it.

My weekend errands bag.

Then I began using it when I went grocery shopping. It banged against the cart and made picking up products a little challenging. In time, I got used to that and Pico became my weekend bag. The corners of my Pico are the only area that show any wear with some mild scuffing, but honestly it still looks brand new.

Funny enough, once I got used to not banging it around as much, I realized the size was actually quite nice. Along with my car key and wallet I can always fit a 90cm scarf and Brora cashmere cardigan inside it, and still have more space left.

Dress and Pico. Or is it T-shirt and skirt, and Pico…?

I even began to love the color. It occurred to me that I would likely never buy an “evening” bag. Meaning, I wouldn’t buy a bag that would only be used when going out to a party or a nice restaurant. I really don’t attend any formal occasions, either. Yet, the black Pico has a certain air of formality that looks perfect with a dress and heels.

I may wear a lot of black, but Pico doesn’t get swallowed up or feels matchy matchy. And while many ladies like dressing up their Picos with twillies and charms, I find that I like it just the way it is.

Pico 2.jpg
The lock gives it all the bling it needs, in my opinion. 

I can’t point to an exact date or time, but slowly I grew to love and appreciate this bag. It isn’t fussy, and it isn’t heavy since I rarely carry that much. My Pico is made of Clemence leather, and while I sometimes refer to it as my “Pico Puddle” since it looks like it has melted, I absolutely don’t think I’ll be buying an organizer to give it shape any time soon. I think the weightlessness of it is something I cherish, and I always fear an organizer would add weight I don’t need. Moreover, I never struggle to find anything inside this bag, even when I stuff it.

Pico 3.jpg

The Pico “puddle”. 

If you are considering owning this bag, I’ll say this. It’s not a shoulder bag in my experience, and it isn’t the bag I’d take for a full day of walking around. It is the bag I would wear when running errands, and it is the bag I’d use when going out to a nice meal. It’s that versatile, and the MM size can fit plenty of random items. I get a lot of compliments about this lovely bag, but unless you know Hermes, it isn’t immediately recognizable. I’m not sure I’d ever take it on my travels since I pack light, but I sure miss it when it isn’t with me.

IMG_5934 2.JPG
A recent outing with Pico.

So, would I have bought it if I saw it in person? I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have. Yet, I’m so happy to have it.


2 thoughts on “A Year With Hermes Picotin Review: The Bag I Learned To Love

  1. I feel like that’s exactly how I came to appreciate the Picotin, because initially I thought it looked very odd. In terms of tips, while I’m no expert at all, here are the things I say to myself 😉 First, I think making sure you are getting something you can use is so important. I had to adapt to my Pico, and I don’t want to experience that again. I really should have looked at the bag in person and tried it on to make sure it was in line with what I was looking for, so taking time to do that is important. It’s not always possible, so I try to consider what people say about the bags through the lens of how they use it vs. how I would use it. Next, my experience with Hermes stores has been very positive. I was so nervous because of all the horror stories of trying to score a bag, but in my experience shopping for things that aren’t B/K/Constance, the shops have what they have and you can take it or walk away. I’ve walked away from three Garden Party bags by this point, and I’m really glad I did. I found it hard to do, since I’m always a little too excited in the store itself, but I could tell it wouldn’t work for me. When I bought my Evelyne I remember telling my husband to never let me buy a red bag. Then, that’s the only color the store had in the PM size. I’m glad I didn’t immediately think ‘no!’, because I love it and the color. So, I suggest always looking at what they have and seeing if it work. I definitely have the Bolide on my wishlist, but the more I ask people about it, the more I wonder if it’s better as a purse than a work bag. I’d say my biggest advice to myself and others is to ask people who use the bags specific questions to learn more. I hope this helps!


  2. Before I saw you wearing it often on your instagram, I didn’t think much of Picotin. I even as far as disliking it due to the ‘odd’ shape. But now it has grown on me, whilst I don’t think I will ever purchase one myself, I finally can appreciate the beauty of it. Do you have any tips on purchasing Hermes bags? I’m saving up for one (either Bolide or Evelyn) in the future >.<


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