Skincare Review

Spring – Summer Skincare Routine – 2017 Edition Ft. Siam SEAS and Laurel

A change in temperature and skincare products have done wonders for my perpetually parched, occasionally blemished, skin. Here’s how this magic is happening.

The line-up before the addition of the full size of the Twilight serum.

Goodbye Kypris and de Mamiel. Hello Siam and Laurel 

In my last post I discussed my unruly skin’s tendency to break out more often than I was used to (post massive allergic reactions), while still stubbornly maintaining that elusive ‘desert’ like look of peeling dry skin. Suffice to say I wasn’t too pleased with that development.

I reflected about my experience with Siam’s Beauty Balm and Laurel’s serums, and decided to bank on those two brands instead. I am so incredibly happy I did.

Laurel Facial Cleanser

I once experienced it as a sample and thought it had a weird consistency and an even weirder scent. Yet, I know Laurel makes some pretty delicate inventions, and suspected my cleansers weren’t doing the trick. I decided to order the normal to dry skin cleanser again, thinking I was probably being too judgmental of a sample I experienced about two years ago.

I won’t lie. The scent is… hard to describe. Herbal? Sure. More specifically? Just unclear and almost metallic? On the bright side, it’s easy to get used to. On the brighter side, this cleanser removes my eyeliner like a dream each night, and is perfect as a super delicate facial cleanser in the morning. It doesn’t dry my skin out at all, and is easily removed with warm water and a towel.

I’ve used it daily since May, and the 100ml guarantee I still have quite a bit left more to go. If you are in the market for a delicate morning cleanser, it might be worth checking it out.

Laurel Detox Facial Mask

I’ve been following Laurel’s Instagram page for a while, so I’ve read and been convinced by the notion that mixing your own mask on the spot creates a more effective mask. I worried that crippling laziness and an aversion to making a mess would prevent me from using this mask regularly.

I was wrong. It’s been a breeze mixing it (1tsp of the mask + 2-3tsp of water) and I’m happy to report I haven’t made a mess while using it just yet. Sometimes I mix it with honey, but mostly I stick to water since it has been gentle on my skin so far. Laurel’s super informative Instagram account also alerted me to the fact the mask shouldn’t dry on my face, making the whole experience a lot more pleasant since it doesn’t feel like my skin is being stretched and my face isn’t itchy while it’s on.

The results I’ve had with weekly use are encouraging. My skin is so much less congested, and my blackheads are at bay. My skin always feels refreshed and never remotely dry after each use, and I haven’t experienced any breakouts after I use it.

Siam’s Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum

You can see my sample of this magical serum in the first picture of this post, and I have been incredibly happy to have had a chance to try it. It feels like the most refreshing serum I’ve ever used, and I wake up with hydrated skin each morning.

The serum needs to be mixed before use, otherwise you’ll notice it’s simply too watery. The serum itself isn’t thick, though. It’s light, yellow like sunshine, and has a light scent.

The serum box, and the incredibly generous samples sent along with it. The customer service on Siam’s website has been top-notch.

I believe this serum, along with the balm, has been the reason my skin has been constantly blemish free and so incredibly hydrated. I wish this serum was available for day time as well. I’ve stated before that I feel that most serums are interchangeable since they haven’t done much for me, but this one is definitely different. I find it so uniquely effective that I won’t be abandoning it any time soon.

Lovely packaging used by Siam SEAS

Siam’s Herbal Fine Facial Scrub:  Micro Fine Scrub Mangosteen

With my super dry and sensitive skin, scrubs have not been my friends. At best I can use them occasionally, at worst I’ve broken capillaries while being especially careless. Yet, there must be something magical about the formulation of Siam’s products because this one is another major win for me.

I use this scrub every night as my cleanser. I very very gently spread it on my face and let it sit there for a few minutes as a mask. Then, magically, when you add water to the mix it becomes bubbly and soap like. But not like those drying gross soaps. Nope. It becomes almost like an oily soap that leaves my skin refreshed. The generous size of this scrub means I’ve barely made a dent in it with daily use, and I truly look forward to it every night.


The scrub of my dreams. An excellent cleanser, too!

Since I don’t wear foundation or sunscreen daily, I can’t attest to how it would perform if it needed to remove that. I assume it would work perfectly, but I can’t be sure. I think most of Siam’s products I used are geared towards fighting blemishes, and with some help from Laurel have done a wonderful job keeping any from gracing me with their presence.

Hydrated and blemish free? Yes please.


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