Closet Chronicals

Shopping Update: May-June

It’s been a while, blog of mine. Two months, really. I’ve had to prioritize my store when I had some down time, as it turned into a very busy end of the school year. You’ll hear no complaints from me, though. And as my summer break begins in earnest, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the recent purchases I’ve made and share them with my readers (assuming my readers haven’t given up on me!).

Dragonfly Night Flight Yoga Leggings – Yoga Democracy

As I’ve written before, I love practicing yoga at home with Yoga Today, but have recently found myself seemingly struggling to find time to actually practice it. Though, if I am honest with myself, time isn’t truly the issue when it comes to finding 20 minutes to do something for my health. It’s been a matter priorities and motivation, so I decided to give myself some positive reinforcement by buying new leggings.

I love that Yoga Democracy donates 1% of their profit to charity, is made with recycled materials, is UVB/A protection, and is made ethically. It was an easy decision to support this company, and I absolutely loved the Dragonfly design from the moment I saw it. It’s pretty unusual for me to like any sort of pattern, but this one is just so colorful and artistic that I am totally happy with it.


In terms of comfort, I can easily say that these are truly wonderful. They are silky smooth, well constructed, and perfect for keeping cool. I’ve been practicing yoga outdoors recently, and these pants have helped maintain a comfortable temperature. I will say that the waistband does fold over when I’m mid-practice, which can be somewhat annoying, but it wouldn’t stop me from buying another pair in the future, if I felt I wanted one.

UNIQLO Bratop Dresses

I believe I wrote elsewhere about my desire to find dresses ethically made with 100% cotton, and failing in my endeavor. Rayon seems to be everywhere, and it seems to pill like there’s no tomorrow. Hence, UNIQLO. If I am forced to spend money on a product that may not last, I am not about to pay a lot for it. I also needed dresses that would be modest enough for work, and comfortable for a full day of teaching. So, imagine my surprise when I started wearing these bra-top dresses and totally fell in love, since I wasn’t expecting much. I bought this one, this one, and later this one.

My usual look with this dress includes my Hermes necklace and Castaner wedges.

The bra-top is extremely comfortable for me, but I can see how being more endowed in that area might make that less comfortable to some. The material is very soft, and in an effort to combat the coming pilling, I’ve been hand washing these lovelies. So far, so good and I’ve been wearing them once a week for the last two months. I get lots of compliments when I wear these, and they are very easy to dress up or down. I’ll be buying another black short sleeve long dress and hiding it away, in case my current one does eventually pill.

Modeling my last bra-top dress purchase with my new-to-me Hermes Trim II the day I got it 🙂

Used Hermes Trim II 31cm Bag

This bag has been on my mind for a while. Ever since I saw it beautifully modeled here, I’ve been wondering if I can make it my new work bag. Fashionphile had this one on sale, and I decided to take the plunge.

Wearing my bag to work!

As you can see, while the Trim II doesn’t hold my MacBook Air, it certainly has become my work bag. I love how easy it is to just grab it and go, and it has allowed my to give my beloved Evelyne a little bit of a break. I’ve been wearing her daily and wear has started to show, which I am not too worried about – I’d rather my bags show signs of wear rather than sit like a trophy in my closet – but I wanted to give it a bit of a rest.

My Trim is made of Epsom leather, in the color Chocolate. While I love my Epsom Calvi, I don’t think I’ll be buying another bag in this leather. Both of my other bags (Evelyne and Picotin 22cm) are made of Clemence, which I find to be a much softer leather that molds more to my body and feels more supple. My other bag definitely “puddle” when nothing is inside them, while the Trim stands all by itself. Another benefit of Epsom is that it feels really durable, and I’m not worried about damaging it in my daily use.

I’ll write a separate post about the Trim once I’ve had some time to use it, but I can already say that I love having it in my collection of four bags and can see myself adding another one if the right color/price combination pops up one day.

Chanel Jacket & Conclusion

Aside from a black Chanel jacket I’ve picked up for Fall, this concludes all the shopping I’ve done recently. I’m not writing about the jacket since I haven’t had a chance to wear it, but I will say that I have been waiting patiently for some item I consigned to sell so that I can pick up this one from the Real Real. It arrived in perfect condition, though it needed a bit of washing. Hand-washing my Hermes scarves made me feel confident in my ability to wash jackets, and I’m happy to say my new jacket is cleaned and awaiting falling temperatures. This is my second new-to-me Chanel jacket, and I very much doubt it will be the last.

In terms of future shopping plans… Well, I really don’t have any. Aside from a possible upcoming trip abroad, I don’t feel a need to add anything to my collection. As the year has gone by I’ve become more and more comfortable wearing the same outfit combination (my uniform) daily and weekly, which is allowing me to save my spending budgets for bigger purchases. Hooray for that!


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