Shopping Wish List

Engagement Ring Lost: Planning for a Replacement

When I got engaged I only wanted one kind of engagement ring: a memory-imbued one. I was looking for a ring that wasn’t just an object that had cost a lot of money, but rather a memento that had a connection to my family history.

Skincare Review

Spring – Summer Skincare Routine – 2017 Edition Ft. Siam SEAS and Laurel

A change in temperature and skincare products have done wonders for my perpetually parched, occasionally blemished, skin. Here’s how this magic is happening.

Closet Chronicals

Shopping Update: May-June

It’s been a while, blog of mine. Two months, really. I’ve had to prioritize my store when I had some down time, as it turned into a very busy end of the school year. You’ll hear no complaints from me, though. And as my summer break begins in earnest, I thought I’d take some time… Continue reading Shopping Update: May-June