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Skincare Update: Siam SEAS Elements Beauty Balm, Laurel Antioxidant Facial Serum, and Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

My skincare shuffle seemed to have yielded some interesting results. Let’s explore and discuss my next purchase round.

Today I will order new skincare items as my current set has mostly run out. As I think about what to order next, it seems like a prefect opportunity to reflect on my experience with each product. My skin has been, for the first time in actual memory, fully hydrated. I’ve even reduced the amounts of products I use! This has been amazing, but is also correlated with the changing temperatures of Spring.

Unfortunately, I still have a pimple here and there every so often which in itself isn’t a big deal, apart from the fact this was never an issue before. A possible cause could be cleansing, as my pores still feel (and look) quite congested. Another could be the balm I am using. Either way, here are my thoughts on the products I’ve used to the last two months and about my new shopping list.

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate 

I don’t know exactly why, but after thinking that it was what was missing from my skincare when I didn’t use it and reordering this cleanser I am still not convinced. The consistency is that of a light moisturizer and the scent is pleasant. I try to leave it on my skin while brushing my teeth so that it has a moment to have an effect, but I am not actually convinced that it does anything aside from help remove my oil cleanser. This is really a frustrating thought. Am I spending $64 on a cleanser only to remove another cleanser?

Kypris Cleanser 2

I think the answer seems to be yes. While I moved to a first oil cleanser to help my skin stay moisturized, I truly don’t like the thought of having to buy another product just to deal with the first product. Remember, the Kypris cleanser will not remove make up and I don’t believe (from past communication with Kypris customer support) that it is meant to be used on it’s own.

Kypris Cleanser 1

So will I buy this cleanser again? No. I will also admit that as my oil cleansers are almost running out I am not planning on replacing them. There may certainly be a time for oil cleansing: winter, autumn, when using foundation… Summer and Spring doesn’t seem like one of those times.

Replacement: I will be trying Laurel’s Facial Cleanser: Normal / Dry. I remember trying a sample of it last summer, but the sample was so tiny it really didn’t leave an impression. I just feel like I trust this brand to deliver quality skincare. My hope is that it will eliminate the need to use two cleansers while still helping my skin stay moisturized. I’ll report back.

Laurel’s Antioxidant Facial Serum

Speaking of Laurel, at the beginning of March I replaced Laurel’s Anti-Inflammatory Facial Serum with Laurel’s Antioxidant Facial Serum. My reasoning basically revolved around the thought that I should have something like it in my skincare, and that the Anti-Inflammatory serum wasn’t creating an apparent difference in my skin. As I used the Antioxidant serum over the last two months I felt like it was helping hydrate my skin, but that I really didn’t feel like I needed to use it at night. I now use it at night or during the day if my skin feels like it needs an extra touch of moisture after my balm.

Laurel Antioxident

Will I repurchase either serums? I think the answer is generally yes. Both? Ideally yes, since I’d like to keep alternating between the two. I do believe the Antioxidant serum is more moisturizing overall, though.   At the moment, though, I’ll opt for trying out their Detox Facial Mask to try to find relief from congested pores.

Siam SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

Seriously, who knew? I ordered this balm mid-February as a total gamble. I didn’t really read any reviews that weren’t related to getting it in a subscription, and the reviewers seemed to have only used it once or twice before writing about it. As you know, I take a month or two between reviews and it’s important to me that when I choose a product based on a review that the writer has had time to truly experience the full effect that product had to offer.

Siam Seas Balm 1

So, when I say that I’ve had ups and downs with this product… I mean it. A week into trying it, I started having break outs. I tried to contact the store I bought it from, Seed to Serum, to ask if this is something they heard before and never heard back**.

I decided to leave the balm alone for about two weeks before giving it another try. This time I used it right after cleansing while my skin was still wet. I then would layer my serum on top, which seemed really counterintuitive. I’m here to report that it has really kept my skin incredibly moisturized. I’ve written so so much about how dry, patchy, and itchy my skin can get… but not anymore.

This balm is magic in that sense, and I don’t say these words lightly. I find that if I use it once at night, my skin won’t be fully hydrated in the morning, but if I use it once and then use it again about an hour later my skin is quite hydrated when I wake up and I don’t see any patches of dry skin. I can avoid this problem by layering a serum over it, by the way.

Siam Seas Balm 2

Yet, I am not convinced it isn’t a part of the reason why I am having more small pimples gracing me with their presence recently. It could be my pores, but it could also be the balm.

Would I purchase it again? I’ve actually just run out of it. I’ve gone back and forth on this one. Should I try a different balm? What about sunscreen? I don’t want to spend too much energy on making this decision, so I decided to change my cleansing routine to eliminate one possible breakout cause before determining the balm might be the problem. I’ll be repurchasing this balm for nightly use and attempting Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream With Spf 30 as I spend more time in the sun this Spring and Summer.

What have been your recent successful and not so successful purchases? Please share in the comments.


**As an aside, I was truly  disappointed with Seed to Serum’s lack of customer service, and I plan on not shopping there again. It’s really too bad, because I really wanted to support businesses that carry natural skincare brands. I am not linking their store to this post, and I am linking Siam’s website instead. Please know that I have yet to order directly from Siam so I can’t comment on their customer care or shipping, but I will be doing that very soon and will report back.


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