Shopping Update: February-March

If you may recall, I’ve decided to challenge myself to become even more deliberate in my shopping habits in 2017, so I created a list of 12 items of clothing and 12 accessories I intend to buy this year. Here are the latest updates.

Aside from my original list of 12 items, I decided that I would replace any item that leaves my closet with a similar one. I recently culled a few shirts and jeans that I never really wore in my collection of 30 pieces of work/weekend wardrobe: a navy knitted skirt, two high waisted jeans that felt just too high, and two button ups that felt too loose fitting.

Last summer, when I bought my Tradlands white button-up I was incredibly pleased. Yet, when I started trying to wear it to work, I found that I just didn’t like the fit at all. The quality is really wonderful, but the fit is loose and I could never find a cardigan that looked good layered with it. Luckily, I found someone who wanted it and sent it along. Thus, the replacement saga began.

Replacement 1: Mission Impossible Feat. a White Button-Up

To replace it, I decided to buy Everlane’s Oxford Bib shirt. I found one on eBay in my size, and decided it was more eco-responsible to purchase it that way. I was initially pleased with it, until I tried to wear it to work and my significant other suggested I looked a bit like a hippie farmer. I was aiming for chic.  I could handle this look, if only the fit wasn’t so loose. On the model it seems to be slightly fitted, but on me there’s so much excess fabric even in size XXS. By the way, it’s looking for a new home if any reader is interested. 

Not yet quite discouraged, I decided to try out Grana’s off-white Classic Silk shirt. I wear my black version somewhat regularly, and seriously hoped the white version won’t be too sheer. That was not to be. I found it incredibly sheer, to the point of being incredibly unflattering. The Cap Sleeve Top in white is just as sheer, as well. I was quite disappointed and decided to return both item.

Grana 1
Maybe it’s just me, but my goal isn’t to show people the base layer I wear underneath other shirts… Compare this with my Cuyana white silk top and you’ll understand why this is a definite no-go in my book.
Grana 2
Again, I found it to be incredibly sheer and for some reason the fit wasn’t great either. My black version of this Grana silk button up looks much better.

Just to let you know, I thought the return process for my Grana shirts was surprisingly complicated. Judge this process for yourself: You must request a return, and wait for an email. It arrived the next day in my case, and required printing 3 copies of a return form and two shipping labels (confusingly).  To have it shipped, you must contact DHL to arrange a pick up. Luckily, there is a UPS store in my area that works with DHL and I was able to drop it off there. To compare, I’m used to having to stick a return label to the shipping box, and dropping it off at the post. It’s amazing to have the order arrive from China in only two days, but this return process was too complicated for me and I won’t be ordering from them again in the future to avoid this process.

I’m still looking for a replacement for at least one of my two button-ups. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact fitted clothing aren’t as popular at the moment or that responsible fashion seems to be quite granola at times, but it seems like I can’t find a form-fittting white-button up in the eco-fashion marketplace. I’ll be looking for a used alternative instead.

Actual Additions

Brora, I Love You So. Perhaps Too Much

Yes, I have now added a forth cropped Brora cashmere cardigan to my collection. I wanted one in black, and was happy to find one is perfect shape on eBay. My version has different buttons than the one on Brora website, but it looks something like this. I did not have a black cardigan and I consider that an important basic, so this addition was a no brainer. I just love the fit and feel of their cardigans so much.

Black Brora

Worn to work with my new Farandole necklace and matching ring

Replacement 2: Goal Achieved Feat. Jeans

Saks had a really great sale two weeks ago, and I was able to pick up two replacement pairs. I love Rag & Bone jeans (made in USA, by the way!), so I was super pleased to see a light wash skinny pair for only $64. I also picked up a light wash pair of cropped skinny  jeans from J Brand (also made in USA!) for the same price. It’s my first time trying any J Brand jeans, and was not disappointed. The fit is great, though the wash did give me pause (look closely at the third image on Saks). I’m really satisfied with my current jeans collection (one ripped, one cropped, two skinnies, and one dark ankle length jeans), so I won’t be looking to add any new ones any time soon.

Shoes: Flats in Black & Red

I don’t know how I do this exactly, but I seem to run through flats quite quickly. By that I mean that I seem to make my flats scratched, torn, and overall shabby in about 3 months of wear on a fairly regular basis. My E.Porselli flats made it to 3-4 months before actual holes started to develop in them. Yeah.

Since that’s the life expectancy of my shoes, I’ve wondered whether investing large sums of money on shoes was the way to go. Especially when it comes to flats. On the one hand, I seem to truly wear them out quickly, making spending $700+ on beautifully classic Chanel flats seem like an unwise and wasteful move. On the other hand, I wanted quality flats that would be easy to wear. I love Chanel and Hermes shoes, but I know there are other options out there.

The eco-fashion world has long disappointed me by selling shoes starting at size 36 (I’m size 35.5), so I knew to look elsewhere. That idea of looking ‘elsewhere’ led me to Etsy, where I sell my own handmade paper creations, and where I knew I could support a small business owner like myself. I had already ordered a pair of flats from this store for my mom, so I decided to order a pair of pointy black flats for myself. These are currently on their way to me.

Another pair of flats on their way to me at the moment are a pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty slippers in red . I chose to order these from Farfetch as that’s where I found my Castaner espadrilles last year.  I was generally impressed with their service, loved the idea of having one place where you can shop in various boutiques around the world. Having a 10% off coupon was also another great incentive to shop with Farfetch (If you wish, you can use my referral code to get 10% off, as well), and I find that their prices can be lower than other places at times.

I’ll admit, I’ve been generally torn about the idea of wearing shoes with cat-face stitching.  First, the fact they are/were so trendy really turned me off. Second, I’m an adult. Should I wear something quite so childish? And in red, no less? Well. My rational for making this purchase has revolved around the fact that my current teaching position leaves me spending quite a bit of time in Elementary schools, so perhaps that could be acceptable attire. Moreover, I can’t be too old to have a bit of whimsy in my life, right?

Jewelry: Matching It Up With Hermes

My love for my Chaîne d’Ancre Enchaînée ring as been well documented in my Instagram account. I’ve literally worn this ring every day for the last two years. So, when my husband visited Germany on a recent work trip, I decided it was time to add a few more pieces of jewelry to my small collection.

I chose earring in the form of sliver Chaîne d’Ancre and the ever-classic 80cm Farandole long necklace. Now, it wasn’t my intention to me this matchy. I also had a new ring on my list, but it wasn’t to be found. Since I am a uniform-dresser in my clothing as well as in my accessories, I’ve been wearing all three (ring, earring, and necklace) all at once and I do think it works well together without being too overwhelming.


The versatility of the Farandole necklace is really wonderful. I can wear it wrapped and loose, which allow me to wear it daily with whatever I have on. I think in the future I’ll be looking at adding the Confettis necklace to my collection, because it seems quite versatile and subtle as well.

Shopping Plans Moving Forward

If you check out my clothing shopping list you might notice 6 items that are question marks. Replacing existing items with new ones has been easy enough because I knew where those pieces would fit in my daily wardrobe, but I have no clue what I would want to purchase next. I don’t plan on buying another Chanel cashmere cardigan or jacket until September, since these feel more like great Fall/Winter additions. Wanting nothing new is a big news for me. I finally feel quite pleased and appreciative of what I have.

Will I remain satisfied with my current collection? Well, odds are the answer is yes. With the weather changing and the rotation of my three sweaters into storage and the bringing out of two silk tops, I have enough items to add some interest to my daily wardrobe. Not to mention two work dresses I’ll be starting to wear again soon. Three out of my four DvF wrap dresses have proved a bit too challenging to wear to work, so these will become my weekend/summer uniform, freeing me from wearing the same thing I wore to work for 9 months when I’m not working. What else could I possibly need?


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