Wardrobe Recap: My Collection As 2017 Begins

It seems that I’ve reinvented my wardrobe twice in the span of about three years, changing it before I got my first teaching job, followed by another transformation during my second year of teaching, and finally reaching this year in which I finally decided I needed to simply my life and streamline my collection as I began working a new district. I’ve had various changes in my work environment, but the truth is that these have been catalysts for rethinking what it is I truly want to wear and how I would like to present myself to the world. In this post, I’d like to share what my collation actually looks like these days, and what are some plans I have moving forward.

Work Collection vs. Special Outing Collection 

In an attempt to keep life simple, I’ve truly refused to buy anything I couldn’t wear to work until this January. It just seemed silly to me to spend any sort of money on something I would only wear once in a while. That is until I started to notice that dressing up for a nice evening out became somewhat impossible. Nothing I wore felt special or fancy enough to look like I was actually going out. I looked…Well, the same way I looked when I went to work.

It took the discovery of DvF wrap dresses to change my mind. As I mentioned, I had ordered one dress and loved it. It was totally not something I would wear to work, though, since it showed more skin than I would ever show at work. Yet, it’s very “evening out appropriate”, and it occurred to me that having at least one special summer dress and one winter dress would be a good idea. You’ll noticed I ended up with two summer dresses!

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 8.53.52 PM.png
Images of the DvF wrap dresses I bought on The RealReal

Buying the dresses second hand meant I didn’t feel like I was spending my entire budget on something I would rarely wear. Turns out, too, that I wear them more than I initially though I would: I’ve actually managed to wear the black one and the blue one on special outings already, and am likely to wear the black one to a Valentine’s dinner later this week. I’m happy to admit that I was totally wrong about only buying things I can wear to work, but I still intend to keep this special weekend collection small because these three dresses are likely to be all I will need.

My Work Collection

Simple, streamlined, and polished by accessorizing has been my main goal when developing my uniform. I feel like I’ve mostly succeeded in collecting clothing that fits that description.

All the clothing I currently own and wear* to work

This is what I currently own and wear during the winter months. The foundation is based on my 3/4 Uniqlo shirts, Brora and Chanel cardigans, and my (not pictured) collection of 5 black pants.

My sweaters seem to get the least wear. I have one black 100% cashmere Chanel sweater that I wear perhaps once a week, but the rest almost never leave my closet. My silk and cashmere Chanel sweater is simply not warm enough for these colder days, and I seem to reach for the Uniqlo white sweaters only when I feel like I need a break from the rest of my collection. I also tend to wear them on the weekend, giving the rest of my clothes a bit of a break.

My newest additions have been the two DvF wrap dresses (again the solid black one is reserved for special occasions), and I prefer rotating them so as not to wear both every week. I have a feeling that if I wear the same dress week after week, people around me might begin to wonder if I own any other clothes!

Thoughts About Moving Forward

Ever since I began packing for a trip abroad for two weeks and I realized I may actually be forced to do laundry while away due to not having enough clothes to pack, my ideal number of clothes to own has developed into having enough clothes for two weeks without doing laundry**. Looking at this collection, I feel like I have almost enough clothes seeing that if I were to avoid doing laundry for a while, I could get away with 12 days of outfits without repetition.

I’ve also recently began to experience some “clothing fatigue” in the sense that I’ve grown slightly tired of wearing the same thing again and again. Sure, it’s super easy, but it’s also somewhat uninspired at times. That has led me to the DvF purchase spree I’ve been on this last month, and it won’t end until I’ve found a total of four DvF wrap dresses I can wear to work without accidentally revealing bits of me I’d rather not reveal to innocent bystanders. I need two more to complete this particular quest. Before I buy those two extra dresses, though, I want to make sure I truly integrate the two dresses I own into my rotation, so I don’t foresee buying the remaining two before March.

Black and white jacket inspiration!

Once that’s sorted, I think I’ll look into a new Chanel jacket.  I’d like to be ready for the transition from Winter to Spring, at which time my silk tops will come into rotation and they will look quite nice with jackets. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect next one.

I’ve also been thinking about adding new Hermes scarves to my collection of six, but I’m not ready to commit to a particular scarf yet. There are some new great designs (this one and this one), and I’ve been wearing my scarves on a daily basis. Still, I’m not sure what format I’d like to pursue next and what colors would be a good addition to my collection.

In the shoe department meanwhile, I’ve debating buying a pair of Swedish clogs as easy work shoes for a rainy Spring. Chanel shoes have been a recent weakness of mine, so we shall see if I go for clogs or a nice pair of flats. Chanel released an interesting black and red version of their flats that I’ve been eyeing.

I love those classic Chanel flats! Worn here by Sofia Coppola, in an outfit I would totally wear myself.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with what I have, even if I am admittedly a bit tired of wearing it day in and day out. With a few small additions and the coming Spring outfit rotation (replacing silk shirts with sweaters) I’m sure I’ll feel like I’v spiced up my wardrobe a bit.


How is your collection building progressing? Please share in the comments.


**What’s the big deal about laundry while traveling, you ask? Hand washing cashmere and silk isn’t something I want to deal with while on holiday. Call me paranoid, but I like the controlled laundry environment in my house. This overall feeling was intensified when I carried tiny shampoo bottles filled with my cashmere detergent last summer while traveling abroad, and attempted to wash a sweater only to feel the washing wasn’t quite as successful as normal.



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