This and That

When Stress Beckons

My life has turned quite stress-filled lately as my work requires more… Well, work… than usual, while my time to just do nothing has increasingly dwindled with other responsibilities taking up leisure time I once had. Self care has recently been making headlines as a way to reduce stress, and in this post I’d like to share… Continue reading When Stress Beckons

Skincare Review

Winter Skincare Shuffle – February Edition

In college, I took a course (and even wrote a long thesis paper) about decision making processes. I focused on a political figure and his particular style of reaching a decision, learning along the way that our minds do get less effective at making decisions the more we are called on to make many decisions.… Continue reading Winter Skincare Shuffle – February Edition

Closet Chronicals

Wardrobe Recap: My Collection As 2017 Begins

It seems that I’ve reinvented my wardrobe twice in the span of about three years, changing it before I got my first teaching job, followed by another transformation during my second year of teaching, and finally reaching this year in which I finally decided I needed to simply my life and streamline my collection as I began working a… Continue reading Wardrobe Recap: My Collection As 2017 Begins