Purchase List: January – February Update

If you’ve read my post about my decision, nay challenge, to stick to a list of 12 clothing items and 12 accessories to be purchased in 2017, and you are wondering how this little challenge is progressing… Here’s my latest update.

Let’s start by reviewing the list:

Surprisingly, I seem to have done quite a bit of clothes shopping due to some recent finds. Let’s discuss.

Silk Tops

I began by thinking about my need for silk tops for Spring and Summer, and decided that although I love the quality of the Cuyana silk shirts I’ve bought, I didn’t want to spend my budget on another one. The black top I had bought and worn often last summer looks pretty well worn, and no amount of delicate hand washing helped maintain it. While I assumed I would be using the shirts for a long time, it’s obvious to me that the white top barely made it through one season, while the black top is pretty much done.

I thought about turning to Everlane, but remembered that I didn’t like the cut of their tank top not too long ago. After some reading in various sustainable/respobsible/eco shopping blogs, I heard about Grana and decided to give their silk tops a try. I knew that it’s likely that their overall quality was much reduced from that of Cuyana, but comparing the price and the duration I was able to use my Cuyana shirts made me compromise. Indeed, I agree that Cuyana’s thick silk is excellent and that Grana’s silk feels much less substantial. The black silk top I got isn’t actually truly black (much more like a faded black) and is thin, but the cut makes it much more work appropriate than my Cuyana tops, so I decided to keep it. I also picked up a black button up, but that one will also have to wait until Spring/Summer before it gets much use. I’ll write more about them after I’ve had a chance to use them regularly.

While shopping around at Grana, I saw that they had a “No Mark Up Sale”, and decided to add a pair of high waist flare jeans for $25. My flared jeans leave so much blue color on everything I own, I’ve decided it was time to stop using them (seriously, no amount of laundry has stopped this color bleed!). I was really interested in purchasing a pair of skinnies from Industry Standard NY, but figured that $25 of responsibly manufactured jeans made out of Japanese denim should be given a shot too. I’m happy to say they are quite comfortable, well fitted, and didn’t need any mending. Currently, they are available for $14, by the way.

Winter Parka…Finally

Next, I finally caved and decided to buy that Canada Goose coat I’ve been seeing everywhere. I chose the Kensington Parka in Fusion fit, as it is more fitted to petit frames than their regular slim fit Kensington parka. I’ve really grown tired to freezing when walking around, and decided that seeing as it was made in Canada and have gotten many positive reviews I should just go for it.


If it sounds like buying a winter parka hasn’t excited me, that’s because it’s absolutely the case. It really didn’t feel spectacular to spend so much money on a coat that isn’t remotely as beautiful as say… a Chanel coat might be. However, having now used it for about a week I can see why I’ve always needed it. I’m warmer and happier for it. I guess being fashionable or elegant will just have to wait for Spring.

My most recent purchases. The Chanel cardigan and the Hermes tote were purchased in 2016


DvF Wrap Dresses

Finally, I’ve grown incredibly curious about Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dresses as of late. I watched an interview with Diane and was truly fascinated by how timeless that design has been and how she came about to designing the dress in the first place. This design has been around and popular since the 1970’s! The Real Real has a great collection of the wrap dresses with truly great prices, so when I got a refund from a failed purchase I made, it seemed like a great time to give one dress a try.

All I can say is that it was love at first sight. I am not, by any stretch, a person who wears dresses. I’ve tried to add a few to my collection last summer (opting for Mata Traders and Brass), but they haven’t really been incorporated into my work outfit rotation and I don’t think the Mata Trader dresses will be something I keep moving into next summer. They are quite casual, and I don’t think they reflect my style at the moment. The DFV wrap dress I tried first, was a whole other story.


The cut of the dress makes me feel totally comfortable with my body, and not in a “trying to hide it from the world” sort of way. Being quite challenged in the chest region, it’s also been a pleasure to find something that helps in that department even if I won’t be wearing this particular dress to work any time soon. There are other occasions in life, right?

The first dress I tried had a pattern and is blue, so the likelihood of me loving it were quite slim… But as soon as I tried it on I was sure I needed a few more of these dresses in my closet. And so, I ordered 3 more! I wanted to have two summer dresses, and two winter dresses. I’m still debating whether I’ll keep two out of the three I ordered, but when I am settled on what to do with them I’ll write about them separately. In the meantime, all I can say is that if you are in need of a dress I really recommend checking out DvF wrap dresses.

That’s all I’ve been busy shopping for recently. I think I’ve stopped adding any winter items and am now solely focused on beefing up my Spring collection. My next purchase is slated to be an Hermes Trim 35 as I haven’t been enjoying carrying my laptop in the Hermes tote I got (need a shoulder bag!) in December.


6 thoughts on “Purchase List: January – February Update

  1. I’m glad you posted an update. I’m sticking to a 10-12 item additions for my closet. So far, so good. I want to focus solely on warmer-weather items now, so I’m really trying to resist the winter sales.


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