Quick Style Inspiration: Make Up

In this short series of posts, I’d like to discuss various styles I’ve turned to for inspiration. Today’s topic: make up.

Eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick/stain. This is the basis of my daily make up and I’ve been sticking to it for so many years. In fact, I think I’ve been wearing black eyeliner since I was in high school, though back then I opted for a gothic look.  As I was working on this series, it occurred to me that make up is essentially a part of my daily ‘uniform’ dressing and I was really inspired by how stylish women all over seem to follow the same basic make up ideas I had.


While I think we can all agree that both Ruth Negga  and Sandra Oh are incredibly beautiful women regardless of their make up, I think it is superb to see how much red lipstick makes them look even more chic as the basis of their overall make up. Yes, they are dressed for very particular occasions, but I think the right shade of lipstick can help elevate daily looks just as easily. I think the key is to make sure to find the shade that really works for you. I usually opt for cherry reds, myself.



In another striking example of make up that elevates, just look at the beautifully drawn eyeliner worn by Sophia Loren. Again, this is quite a dramatic look that is likely to be too much to be worn daily. However, a lighter hand with eyeliner maintaining the same overall look cat-eye drawing, I think, can compliment any one on a regular basis. Notice that Sophia Loren’s lip color is quite muted, which makes us focus on her eyes instead.

Finally, the fact that these pictures were taken many years ago and that Sophia Loren still looks exceedingly chic and stylish is a true testament to the fact that great make up supersedes any particular time period.



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