Style Inspiration

Quick Style Inspiration: Casual

In this short series of posts, I’d like to discuss various styles I’ve turned to for inspiration. Today’s topic: Casual.

Merriam – Webster defines casual as “feeling or showing little concern”, but one might argue that there’s also well thought out casualness. At least when it comes to style.


I chose the two images above not just because they show instances of casual wear, but also because Beyonce and Sarah Harris both seem incredibly comfortable in their own skin in these images. Their confidence is not a product of their outfit, but it simply enhances what they are wearing. Jeans and white t-shirt, jeans and a black top. Both are so simple that I imagine we all have access to something very similar to these in our own closets.

Yet, beyond the attitude, there are also little touches that enhance the simplicity of these styles. Sarah Harris is wearing a set of necklaces. Beyonce is wearing sneakers and tucked her t-shirt. In my mind, it’s exactly these small touches that elevate an outfit from dull to chic, from simple to stylish. It reminds me that even with my uniform, there’s always room for that little touch to make it more interesting. There’s always a way out of a clothing rut that doesn’t necessarily mean I need to go shopping.

What are the little touches you add to your casual outfits to bring them up a notch?


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