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Quick Style Inspiration: Chanel Jacket

In this short series of posts, I’d like to discuss various styles I’ve turned to for inspiration. Today’s topic: a Chanel jacket.

In all honesty, as of late I have been thinking a lot about buying a Chanel jacket. I struggled, though, to figure out which cut and style would truly fit my lifestyle. I knew I wasn’t ready (mentally, financially, emotionally…) to go buy a brand new one, so I kept an eye out for the one that would be right for me.

Black and white.

So, what is it about a Chanel jacket that got me so interested? It was the ability to elevate any outfit. I try to maintain a fine line in my daily chosen uniform (see: repeated outfit worn daily). I wear a t-shirt, not a blouse. I wear skinny black pants, not tailored pants. But I try to make it up for it by wearing nicer shoes, scarves, necklaces, and perhaps… a jacket. Why Chanel? Because in my mind Chanel is the brand that has perfected the concept of a jacket. Craftsmanship, tailoring, and interesting styles.

Going back to what makes a jacket a chic touch: A simple black dress worn by Christine Lagarde, and a black shirt + jeans combo worn by Cate Blanchett in the movie Blue Jasmine. Both made more stylish by the addition of a black and white jacket, with (frankly) great looking buttons. This is exactly what I strive for when I think about what ever it is I may choose to wear: what would make what I wear less casual and more elegant?  Adding a great looking jacket seems like a no-brainer. Chanel or not.

Recently, I have been incredibly fortunate to have found a Chanel sweater jacket that fit my style and taste. I pounced on that purchase, of course, and now I am really looking forward to incorporating it into my weekly outfit routine.

Close up of the jacket, and showing it worn with black pants and my Tiffany bead necklace.


While I don’t think I’ll be styling my jacket with the beaded necklace again due to attempting not to look too dated, I love how it easy it can be to wear this jacket with so many different outfits. My favorite pairing is similar to that worn by Cate Blanchett, combining the jacket with jeans for a much more polished look.

What do you add to elevate your outfits?


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