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Current Winter Skincare Routine

Who would have believed that I would move away from Kypris all the time? Well. Winter came around and my skin had other ideas. Let’s review my latest routine and a recommendation.

Winter 2016-2017

To put it simply, the lineup you see above is pretty much where I’ve ended up. Below is my routine from just a few months ago:

Kypris 1
Summer 2016

First, I replaced my Kypris Cleanser Concentrate with two de Mamiel cleansers: the Atmosphériques Pure Calm Cleansing Dew and the Restorative Cleansing balm (reviewed here). I started out by adding the cleansing balm, but when I ran out of my Kypris cleanser I truly debated whether I wanted to buy it again. As I’ve said before, I think cleansing is a big part of why my skin has been (mostly) blemish free since August, so I was really reluctant to mess with that. My experience with de Mamiel’s balm has been so positive that I decided it was time to try a different first cleaner.


I chose the cleansing dew because it sounded like it would easily wash off. I did not buy it because of pollution and I’d like to put that on the record. I’ve got no clue whether or not it does anything to cleanse pollutants, but I do know it smells like delicious citrus and works well for me. At the moment, I use it as a second cleanser at night and I wash it off with warm water. There’s definitely a residue left on your skin once washed, but I think it helps moisturize my skin overall. I also use it to cleanse in the morning.

I don’t usually take the time to follow de Mamiel’s cleansing massage (is there a video of this out there?), so I quickly massage it in and rinse it off. I sense that to truly enjoy the claimed benefits of this product one should probably have it on one’s face a little longer than I usually have patience for cleansing. Just FYI.

If you are looking for an easy and moisturizing cleanser that mostly washes away, I highly recommend it. I’m really impressed with de Mamiel, and I’d love to try their Winter Seasonal Facial Oil.


My next replacement has been the Kypris Beauty Elixir I – 1,000 Roses with Maya Chia’s The Super Couple. The reason for this was two fold. First, the cost. I found that I was buying a new bottle of this oil every two months for $90. It seemed like I was spending too much money on something that doesn’t last that long, and 14ml didn’t last with twice daily use. Next, it seemed like it wasn’t moisturizing enough – again, spending so much money on something that doesn’t quite work for me. I’ll gladly pay for an oil that truly moisturized my skin during winter, but with this Elixir I felt like my skin was somewhat parched and oily from using so much of it at once. I decided to look around, and decided to settle on Maya Chia because The Super Couple was supposed to be extra moisturizing.

It has helped me skin feel less dry, that’s for sure. There have been days I forgot to add a layer of final moisturizer after the oil and Antioxidant Dew, but felt no tightness in my skin until well into evening. That is actually quite amazing for my skin. I still use a moisturizer on top of this oil and dew combo, but I haven’t settled down on which one I want to commit to.

I’ve tried many (Maya Chia’s Super Blend, Mahalo balms, and even May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon), but I haven’t fallen in love with a single one. My skin doesn’t seem to like anything by May Lindstrom and the Super Blend didn’t do much for me. I hate the smell of  the Mahalo Balm and love that of the Rare Indigo Balm, but the latter doesn’t moisturize my skin enough. So, I am now on my second sample of the Mahalo Balm since it’s the only balm that does seem to work for me. Will I buy the full size? I’m noncommittal.

Finally, I want to note that I no longer use Kypris’s Clearing Serum or Moonlight Catalyst. They are about to expire on me, with almost half of the bottles unused! That is truly unfortunate. What happened, you ask? I no longer get almost any blemishes, so the clearing serum isn’t needed. I could only use the Moonlight Catalyst about once a week to prevent it from breaking me out, and frankly… I keep forgetting to use it. I’ll try to remember to use it before it expires, but I doubt that I will buy it again. I still love Kypris, but they might become my summer go-to, and not a part of my winter ensemble.


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