Style Inspiration

Quick Style Inspiration: Work

In this short series of posts, I’d like to discuss various styles I’ve turned to for inspiration. Today’s topic: work.

There are so many things one may wear to work, and it is never a one-style-fit-all type of situation. When thinking about building a collection of clothing for work one must always keep in mind where one works, what would be considered appropriate, the environment itself, what one is comfortable wearing, and of course one’s budget. In this post, I’d like to focus on a style that I would be consider to be more business than casual. But with a twist.


What I like about both of these styles is that they show that there’s room for femininity even when the place you work might call for clothing that is traditionally masculine. Stella Gibson, as far as I am concerned, is a powerful character because she can thread the needle of being strong, yet not unfeeling. Her character is incredibly smart and capable, but not without flaws. Her ability to tailor her outfits to the moment she’s in, as a source of empowerment, is something I often think about now. How can my outfit best advance my standing? 

Christine Lagarde is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. No matter what one might think of her performance in that role or in roles she’s had before, her career is an inspiration to me. She’s been ‘the first’ in many roles, and it reminds me how women still have to make their way in our various work places. Her style is incredibly professional, but there’s always a twist to show that even within the confines of  traditional organization there’s room to express yourself (with some gorgeous Hermes scarves and bags, in her case!). Accessories is certainly one way one can show one’s character, with any ensemble.

What inspires your work outfit choices?


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