Style Inspiration

Quick Style Inspiration: Timeless

In this short series of posts, I’d like to discuss various styles I’ve turned to for inspiration. Today’s topic: timeless style.

What would be defined as timeless style? As I see it, it would be an outfit and an attitude that can be pulled out of any time in history, and still look amazing. An attitude, because the outfit isn’t perfect without it.


No matter when and where these images were taken, wearing these outfits today would still be instantly chic. Looking at these images, I can easily translate them into my own versions: A well fitted dress and heels, perfect for a night out. An outfit that fits anywhere I might go: cropped pants, flats, and sweater or top.

While I still don’t have the perfect little black dress, I have an idea where I might get one (Brass), and a new pair of flats are definitely on my purchase list for 2017. How would you translate these styles into your own?


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