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Part 2: Now That You Have a Uniform… What Comes Next?

You did it. You created a collection of clothes you truly want to wear each and every day, and you wear it all the time. Let’s rejoice! And now let’s talk about what happens next.

Step 4: Add What You Need. When You Need To.

Keep in mind that having a uniform may not work for you, or it may not work for you, but not for long. Inertia sets in, you get bored, you miss shopping, you ask yourself what people think of you… You’ve made it, but you ask yourself: now what?

This is where Step 4 comes in. I can compare this to the day after graduation or after your wedding. This is when reality sets in, and it’s easy to forget this reality when you are in the throws of excitement over trying something new.  Step 4 is when you thoughtfully consider whether you should really buy more than just replacement items or save your money for other things.

I guess three Brora Cropped Cardigans are enough?

I struggle at times to stop shopping or truly know what it is I am looking for. So really, take comfort in the fact that we are in the same boat (canoe, or rubber dingy), peddling in the same direction. My solution, having arrived at this stage 6 months into having a uniform, has been to make a list.

As you know, I am a huge fan of lists… So I made one. I decided it was worthwhile my time to sit down and actually decide what it is my closet needed next so that I won’t be tempted to just keep adding things for no reason.

I ended up with a list of 12 pieces of clothing, plus 12 accessories.

Challenge, Accepted…? Wish List to Shopping List

Risking sounding like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, the title says it all. What if I decided to take this wishlist and make it my actual shopping list for 2017?

Here are few reasons to do it:

  1. It occurred to me that one way to maintain a streamlined and minimal wardrobe collection would be by challenging myself to stick only to the items that I had pre-determined were missing from my collection. Adding only 12 pieces of clothing ensures I don’t buy too many things that I end up not liking or/and not needing.
  2. I think a big part of being a thoughtful consumer is to determine when consuming is actually needed and when it is not. This list helps me be that kind of consumer.
  3. Challenges add thrills, I am told. My closet could use some.
  4. Knowing what I intend to buy helps minimize the amount of time I spend looking for things to buy, and reduces temptation to shop for the thrill of it.

My Shopping List:


  1. Sweater (1)
  2. Cashmere cardigans (2)
  3. Chanel jacket (1)
  4. Silk button up and/or silk shirts (2) (Cuyana)
  5. Fancy dress (1) (updated from 2 to 1)
  6. Canada Goose parka/coat (1) (Saks)
  7. ??? (4)


  1. Slippers for winter (1)
  2. Flats (1)
  3. Espadrilles (1) (Chanel)
  4. Necklace  (1)
  5. Cashmere/alpaca wool gloves (1)
  6. Bag for work to help give Evelyne a bit of a rest (1)
  7. Cashmere scarf  (1)
  8. Hermes Chiffon or slik scarf  (1)
  9. Cashmere/alpaca socks  (2)
  10. Ring  (1) (Hermes)
  11. ?  (1)

Some Considerations: Flexibility is Key

  • I didn’t exactly decide when I would buy each item. I don’t want to be too rigid or it will feel like a punishment rather than a challenge.
  • I left four unknown items on my list of clothing and one on my list of accessories. I’ll decide what they are once I decide what it is I need, since I don’t presume to know what life has in store for me.
  • Items that need replacing aren’t on the list. For example, I have one pair of black pants that seems to be dying on me (I’ve had this pants for over 5 years!). When I can’t use it anymore, I’ll replace it… but since it isn’t a new item I don’t think it has room on my list. That’s my concession to myself, though you may not agree with my rational.
  • Some items can be quite expensive. A new bag, for example. These purchases will require saving up and planning. It’s also likely that only some of the items on my accessory list will actually be purchased in 2017.

Ok. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll update the blog monthly to reflect progress or failure.

If you think that this could be a challenge you might be interested in as well, please leave a comment below with your shopping list!


3 thoughts on “Part 2: Now That You Have a Uniform… What Comes Next?

  1. Sounds like a great challenge! i’m interested here’s my list
    3 skinny jeans black, blue, and white
    1 Chanel cardigan
    Brora Aran knit cashmere Poncho
    1 karen kane maxi dress
    1 black body con dress kiyonna
    2 armour lux boatneck stripe T-shirts made in france
    1 hermes Alice Shirley pegasus GCSM shawl (will purchase in a few weeks)
    Brora black cashmere scarf
    LK bennett Syliba pump black leather
    Brian Gavin diamond pendant
    Everlane Market tote for work and travel
    Hermes Marwari GM bag (probably will not happen in 2017)


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