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September Shopping List: Winter Is Coming & I Love Chanel

It has been quite a while since I’ve had time to sit and blog, all due to an amazing new job I started last month. So, with my work place changing I really had to think about what it is I wanted and actually needed to buy.

I began this month began determined to actually not buy any new item of clothing, because I really wanted to see how my current collection would transition to a new workplace that is potentially a little less casual than my former workplace. With that in mind, I took a trip to Saks and found these beautiful pair of Chanel slings:


Saks didn’t have my size in pretty much anything I tried on (my size is 5.5), so I had these delivered to my house as they managed to track it elsewhere. I was very excited to find them, especially having seen countless beautiful pictures of them worn all over Instagram. However, when they arrived they just didn’t fit comfortably and I realized I should have gone for a smaller size! Meanwhile, I was eyeing another pair of Chanel flats on The Real Real and decided to give them a go since I didn’t feel like traveling to my nearest Saks again:

Zeus is my foot model buddy.

I’m actually really excited to have found these flats, because the fit is perfect and they make my feet feel super happy at the end of a long day of running around. I think I now realize how much I prefer flats with straps, as these always feel secure on my feet.

Once my shoe collection felt complete with the addition of this pair, I started thinking about sweaters. I’ve recently realized that my experience with Brora cashmere has been such a perfect adventure of warmth at all building temperatures (freezing and boiling, in the span of just a few hours!), that I decided cashmere might be the thing for me. First, I added another Brora cropped cardigan to my collection, and then I started reading about quality cashmere.

If I am going to invest in some quality cashmere, I thought I should look into who makes sweaters and cardigans that would last. The names I kept seeing were that of Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Hermes, and of course Chanel. I did see some honorable mentions for Brora, which made me quite please since I’ve had a wonderful time wearing my cardigans to death. Since the prices of these brands tend to be exceedingly high and my interest in ethically made items both gave me pause when I considered buying new… I started looking for vintage or used pieces I could add to my rotation. I ended up with a vintage Chanel sweater made from a mix of silk and cashmere:

It’s a soft and light black sweater, and it has the fluffiness one associates with well worn sweaters. I’m really pleased it’s still in great shape, though, and it’s been super easy to wear.  I’ll admit, this purchase isn’t all that I have in mind in the cashmere department, as I’d like to replace my Merino wool Uniqlo sweaters. I’m still looking forward to finding a white cashmere sweater and a chunky black or white cashmere sweater. I would recommend a mix of silk and cashmere for lighter sweaters, which works well for me since I like layering.

Finally, I decided it was finally time to upgrade my Apple Watch band. I’ve been hating mine since the moment I got the watch when it first came out. My wrist is so small that all the watch bands I’ve used (both from Apple) felt too tight and oddly not fitted enough. I thought about buying an Hermes watch for a while, but I was worried that Apple would change the connector on me as they seem to do frequently enough. With the new watch out, and the connector reaming the same for now, I decided it was time for a Double Tour band.

It was a bitter sweet moment, as I knew my lovely Hapi 3 bracelets will have to go. I won’t be double wrapping it on both arms! I sold those off, and used the money to get my new watch band:


I went with the Etoupe band, since I absolutely loved wearing my Hapi of the same color. It goes well with all the colors I wear, which as of late boil down to white, black, and red.

My final purchase has been an Étoile Isabel Marant jacket with the funds from the consignment of my Jimmy Choo wedges. I’ve been on a bit of a jacket craze, as of late, eyeing a used one by Chanel. However, those cost a pretty penny and can be a little too shmancy at times. I’m still holding out for one such magical jacket, but in the meantime I have very happy with this one:


I actually saw a picture of this jacket worn by Emma Watson and thought it would be perfect. It’s casual, but can elevate a simple outfit, and it’s cropped and has 3/4 sleeves. Really, cropped and 3/4 sleeves is my dreamboat. That’s pretty much what I look for in any jacket and cardigan I own, apparently.

With this purchase I concluded all my shopping for September. Looking at my shopping list I noticed that I really haven’t bought any shirts since May (!), so picking up a sweater this month was long overdue. I will be on the look out for another sweater and probably a 3/4 sleeve white shirt to fill a few gaps.

Sadly, Small Trades shirts seem to be nowhere to be found at the moment, so I’ve been truly debating where to turn to next. In the meantime, I think I will be focusing on more cardigans or sweaters. I have a feeling Chanel is likely to be called upon, once more, in the cashmere department as we move into the colder and colder months.


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