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Brass Clothing: My First Maxi Dress

Yes, it’s true. Us 5’2″ girls can also wear Maxi dresses. I’ll be honest when I say that maxi dresses have never been something that I owned because it seemed like with my stature they will look like I’m swimming in a cloak, but this purchase really changed my mind.

In my August purchase list post I mentioned that I ordered this particular dress, and it finally arrived. Brass Clothing is a brand I recently discovered in my attempt to shop ethically, and let me just say that this first dress I ordered did not disappoint.

I am a sucker for brands with a simple and concise ethos, so Brass stole my heart by proclaiming that:

“At Brass, we believe a capsule wardrobe is the key to saving time, money, and energy.”

You had me at saving time and energy. While they have some dresses I would love to try (looking at you, the A-Line dress!), I chose the Maxi dress since it seemed most verstaile and different than what I already have. I must have chosen wisely, because I was super happy with the Maxi dress as soon as I tried it on.

It is hard to capture, but the dress has a form fitting top, ruching around the waist, and really nice flowing buttom. It gives me enough of a shape without being too form fitting, making it appopritat to wear to work while teaching, according to my exacting standards. And let’s be honest. What could be easier than throwing on a maxi dress in the morning?

I was sure that I would have to have it shortened like I do with all maxi skirts/dresses I ever try on, and was pleased to know Brass will give me store credit if that was the case. So, you can imagine how surprised I was to realize I can wear it with my Ferrgamo Carla pumps, with their 2 3/4 inch heels. I may still have it altered because it is a little closer to the floor and I’d like to avoid destroying it with regular use, but honestly I can’t believe us shorties finally get a maxi dress we can wear potentially without alterations!

I think the dress also looks great with my Brora cropped cardigan, so that’s likely going to be my go-to work look for this one. I can also wear a sweater over it during our colder winter months and add on some warm tights if I feel like it’s needed, making it a year-round dress.

The only thing I wish Brass would have done differently here is that getting the dress on and off is more challenging than I would like. It has a side zipper, but it doesn’t run long enough to make a real difference.

Brass clothing seems to have small manufacturing runs, so their items aren’t always around. This is a particular bummer for me because I have a long term shopping plan, and I try to stick to purchasing items according to my budget and my own time frame. This dress is available as I write this post, but their Ponte pants remain ever elusive. That’s likely going to be what I try next, and if it’s anything like this dress… I can’t wait to add it to my collection and say goodbye to one of my not-so-great fitting pants.

This dress and the arrival of my new Hermes Land boots concludes my shopping for August. I’m quite pleased with both, and they both add something totally different to my little collection. I am quite certain I know what next month’s purchase will be, and I can’t wait to add it to my collection!


2 thoughts on “Brass Clothing: My First Maxi Dress

  1. Very cool! I wish they made looser sweater dresses using silk/cotton or silk/wool combination. I chose size XS, since it’s my usual size. The fabric is stretchy, but that zipper makes it less so.


  2. I’ve been eyeing that dress for a while now. Looks very lovely! Can I ask what size you got it, so I can have an idea if I should size up or down (I’m a curvy petite). I have the band dress from Brass in storm blue and it always sparks joy to wear it.


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