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Updated Skincare Routine: All Kypris All the Time – August 2016

While traveling in Israel and Italy this July I’ve experienced another very low skincare moment when I woke up with a huge rash all over my face…And than had that same reaction a week later. Funny enough, I also experienced some of my best skincare moments ever when I woke up with a glowing complexion, also twice. Frustrated by my skin’s lack of ability to commit to one situation or another, and having decided to abandon Korean skincare products in favor of well formulated green beauty products,  I ordered a few things to try out since then. Here’s the tale, and here’s where I’ve ended up.

Kypris: Let’s Try It All

I’ve read about Kypris in some of the green beauty blogs out there and was quite intrigued. Kypris certainly fits my definition of well formulated, was so incredibly quick to respond to questions on Instagram, and is made in the U.S., which I really appreciate since I feel like I am supporting my local economy and workers when supporting brands like that.

I had decided to try a sample of their Antioxidant Dew before I left on my trip ,and despite the many ups and downs I experience skincare-wise (I blame sunscreen for this, actually), felt like it was working for my skin. Still, this is a really expensive brand and I wasn’t ready to spend even more money on something that might not work. So, I decided to hedge my bets and check the full line by ordering a sample set. It seemed like a great way to check what would actually work for me, and I am pretty glad I went with this option because for the first time in a long time I felt like I was making an educated purchasing choice based on real trial and error. On a side note, I do wish these tiny samples came with a dropper, because it was difficult figuring out how much I should use from each sample.

My tiny line up of Kypris samples.

I already knew I liked the Antioxidant Dew serum, but I wasn’t sure which Elixir I should try since my skin seems both dry and sensitive. Moreover, I remember reading somewhere that these serums and oils are meant to work together in harmony, and I was quite curious to see what would happen if I used everything they had to offer. Would it really improve my skin?

After a week or so of use, I started to feel like perhaps there’s light at the end of my irritated, dry, and somewhat pimply tunnel. Here’s what I decided to buy from this line, and am using with great success at the moment.

My Current Skincare Routine:

You will notice that it’s quite heavy on Kypris! I really enjoyed how their products seemed to work together when I layer them, and frankly I am almost scared to try anything else since my skin had it’s latest melt-down and seem to be thriving at the moment.

Kypris 1

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

I wasn’t sure about this one when I sampled it mainly because I can’t quite tell if it actually cleaned my face. It just that incredibly mild and delicate. So, why did I buy a full jar of it? Well, my skin tends to dry out so easily by the cleansers I have used in the past, while this actually works to keep my face less irritated and dry. Dare I say, it almost feels hydrated when I use it.

Moreover, I don’t often wear foundation so I can’t imagine that my cleanser needs to be anything but this mild. I actually asked Kypris about this too, and they confirmed that the cleanser is strong enough to remove their Pot of Shade moisturizer with SPF 30, which is what I need it to do daily (I’m still sampling the Pot of Shade, by the way), but not strong enough to remove make up. If you wear foundation regularly, they recommend using it as a second cleanser. I only wear eye make up, and I currently remove it with coconut oil.

On days I do intend on wearing some concealer I think I’ll likely use the same aforementioned coconut oil to remove my make up, and then use the cleanser concentrate as a second cleanser. Though, I’ll admit that on days I get suspicious that this isn’t cleansing my skin enough during the first round of cleansing I’ll use it twice, for good measure. I also like to let it sit like a mask while I shower, and only remove it when I’m done. It makes my skin beautifully soft, and I can recommend it for those of us with really dry skin.

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst + Clearing Serum

Let me just say that if you decide to try just two things from this line, this is the combo I would choose. Although I am still using my little samples, don’t mistake this for being-on-the-fence-about-them type of situation. Oh, I’ll be ordering these two very soon. It’s just that when you order from Kypris or from Integrity Botanicals you get to choose some samples, and I was really keen on using these samples as a purchasing buffer (see note about cost).

What I love about these two is how they make my skin feel when I wake up. First, let me admit that I’ve never had a serious issue with acne or lots and lots of pimples. I’ve been fortunate to only have to deal with desert-like dry skin. Recently, though, I’ve been waking up with pimples here and there, and I’d like to reduce the time those pimples and I spend together. Using the clearing serum morning and evening has helped with that quite a bit.

I decided to use the Moonlight Catalyst every night because it seems to help keep my more serious dry flakes at bay (compared to nights I skip it), and because I think it will help keep my pores less clogged in the long run. I’m so pleased to say that I can actually use it nightly without over exfoliating, and I am so happy that I finally get to exfoliate regularly without having to worry about breaking my capillaries! I also saw a skincare specialist recently who suggested I started exfoliating more regularly since my skin seems to be so thin, so I guess the Catalyst just hits it on all fronts.

So why am I talking about using both of these products together? Because I feel like I wake up with much clearer and fresher complexion every time I use them both. I think these are two products that truly help make a difference in the way my skin behaves, and I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can focus on other things except just keeping my skin from peeling off.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew:

Ok. I’ll be honest. I don’t quite know what this serum is doing, but I know it’s meant to hydrate your skin. So, while I do think it has helped my skin stay a little more hydrated, because I feel my skin drinking it in when I use it… I am not sure if it’s doing anything else, but I sense that this product makes a difference when used for a while. I also like that it helps hydrate my skin without feeling heavy or oily, which tends to happen when I using lotions underneath heavier creams to boost hydration.

Either way, I feel like this product works better in combination  with the Elixir, which is why I ended up buying the whole bottle. Quick edit: After discussing the serum with Kypris on Instagram I wanted to add that the serum is also supposed to have “a calming, inflammation modulating, drink of nutrient dense water for your skin”. I definitely agree that my skin does feel more calm after using it, with some of my usual redness reduced.

Order 1
This was my order from Kypris and from Integrity Botanicals. I’ll talk about the other products in a separate post, but in the meantime check out how pretty the Kypris packaging is!

Kypris Beauty Elixir I – 1,000 Roses:

At first I tried using the Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array but realized it wasn’t enough for to keep my skin happy, so I started using the Beauty Elixir I: 1,000 Roses. The Prismatic Array Elixir is geared towards those  who suffer from very sensitive skin which I thought I did, but when I switched to the Roses Elixir I didn’t experience any rashes and my skin felt much more hydrated, so I decided it was the better choice for me. 

This Elixir smells absolutely beautifully like roses, but not in an artificial  way or too strongly. It is just so delicate and floral, making it a treat so smell every morning and evening. The real reason I love it so much, though, is because of how smooth and soft my skin feels once I use the antioxidant serum and then this oil (or when I combine the two together). Really, that feeling is why I ended up committing to a whole bottle of the serum.

The combination of the two makes my skin feel so lovely for hours after use, but about 7 hours in my skin isn’t moisturized enough and flakes appear yet again. I knew this when I chose to buy the two, but disregarded it because I knew I still needed to add a moisturizer with sunscreen so I was betting on the extra hydration boost coming from that product. I’m also going to start trying to add a few extra drops of the roses oil once I finish applying this mix, as suggested here by the lovely woman behind this line. As I mentioned, I still haven’t committed to the Pot of Shade moisturizer, and that’s because I can’t quite tell if it adds that extra boost of hydration I was talking about.

The Common Theme: Let’s Work Together

You’ll notice a recurring theme here. These products really seem to work together to make something magical happen. Layering them one by one, I feel that my skin is slowly transforming into something glowing and soft, which has been a total joy.

I’ve attempted to use full lines of products before, but I’ve never really seen the benefit of doing so until I tried this combination. For example, my Whamisa-centered skincare routine never yielded long term results or made my skin transform with each layer. I think that’s why I’ve committed to this line and have loved using it for the last three weeks. Should this change, I’ll update this post right away. In the meantime, I’m still looking for a moisturizer and have been sampling several different products. I’ll write a separate post about things I’ve sampled that haven’t worked out for me, as well.

Finally, a Note About Cost:

I really want to mention that choosing to go for Kypris products, in all their glory, has been an expensive endeavor. Let’s ignore the cost of the Elixirs, since it seems that any oils I seem to look at cost about the same, and focus on the serums for a moment. Just deciding to pursue the combination of the Moonlight Catalyst and the Clearing serum will cost you about $134 at Integrity Botanicals (though you can get a discount code for your first purchase). Add the Antioxidant serum and you are at $201, but you haven’t added any cleanser or moisturizing oil yet. Not to mention a sunscreen.

So, while these are turning out to be wonderful products for me, which I am hoping will last a while, I feel like their cost is much higher than what I was used to pay for my skincare only a few months ago. This line has certainly changed the amount I see myself spending on skincare, but honestly having a fuss-free skincare routine that works is priceless to me at this point in time. Here’s to never having a giant rash on my face ever again!


3 thoughts on “Updated Skincare Routine: All Kypris All the Time – August 2016

  1. Hi Cassie, I’m glad to hear you also found something that works for you! I think after trying so many different products it’s so hard to spend even more money to try something that you hope will work, but I am really glad I took a chance with Kyris 🙂 Are you still using Tatcha? I’ve always found their line to be really interesting, but I can’t use any of it.


  2. That’s great that you found a line that’s working well for you. I had a similar experience ordering the Tatcha sensitive skin trial kit. The products are a hit to the wallet, but it has completely transformed my skin. I hope Kypris continues to work for you!


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