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August Shopping List: Planning My Purchases

August is a time of year in which I usually kick into gear, since summer vacation is mostly behind me and it’s time to start thinking about going back to work. Time to think about developing new and (hopefully, for the sake of my students) interesting curriculum.  Time to think about the routines I want to cultivate when life gets hectic again. Time to consider what I’m going to wear each day. Therefore, I present to you (dear reader) my August shopping list.

As I mentioned in my post about my accidentally developed work uniform, I have decided to embrace (or more like came to terms with) the idea of leaning into my propensity to shop for the same things over and over again. I’ve limited myself to buying two items of clothing per month (excluding workout gear, intimates, and shoes), so each item has to fit my wardrobe vision.

I decided to focus on adding a new shirt and a new dress to my collection this month with the goal of finding new work-appropriate attire. Initially I thought I’d wait to see how my capsule collection fairs with daily use before making any decisions, but I realized I have some free time to work on this now and I might not have too much time later. Without further ado, here are some possibilities I am looking at this month:


Brass Clothing

I was fortunate to find Brass Clothing since they are a brand who ethically makes their clothing in China. I normally prefer companies who make their clothes in the US because I like the idea that my purchases help support local manufacturing, but I really loved that Brass focuses on creating an interchangeable, high quality capsule collection ethically. It’s also a huge bonus that the company was founded by women who seem to celebrate women empowerment, different bodies, and listen closely to their customers.

They have a gorgeous Tank Maxi dress, so I decided to order it in black. I assume I’ll have to have it altered since I’m 5’2 and usually maxi dresses aren’t made to fit us shorties, but funny enough Brass offers a $15 merchandizing credit if you need something altered. That is such a unique program that I wish other online brands would adopt, and that their prices seem really reasonable to me is just icing on the cake.

The Tank Maxi dress, image from Brass Clothing. By the way, they also show images of their customers wearing their dresses which is just beautiful! It’s amazing to be able to see how the dress looks like on different women with different body figures.

I’ve also been eyeing their Pencil dress (I’m on the waitlist) and their A-Line dress, but went with the Maxi dress since it introduces versatility to my little collection and will likely look amazing with my cropped Brora cardigans. I will write about the dress when I get it.

Work Appropriate Dress or Pants:


When I started searching for work appropriate shirts and dresses I was struck by how few ethical and sustainable fashion designs fit my fashion esthetic and my need to wear clothing that don’t flaunt or show my goodies at work. You can imagine my delight when I found MM.LaFleur’s very professional collection, though I think it skews more to business  professionals than business-casual crowd like myself. I also wasn’t too keen on some of their fabric choices (ugh, Polyester!), but they also use other fabrics.

I really liked the Foster Pant and the Sant Ambroeus Jardigan, as well as their dresses, but couldn’t quite figure out what will likely fit me. Turns out that they offer a Bento Box in which they send you a collection of clothing to try out for four days at no cost. You keep what you like, and send what you don’t, so it seems like as long as you can return your box within four days, it’s a great way to get to know their collection.

I opted for a Bento box, and I really look forward to seeing what they send me. I am hoping to find a new dress or a new pair of pants, though I felt a little bad writing them quite a detailed list of requests. I hope at least a few of them are made possible, and I’ll write about this experience once my box arrives in a separate post: See it here!

Button Up Shirt: (?)


Having totally fallen in love with The Charlie, I decided keep an eye out for what’s available from Tradlands.  I originally saw the Martha Indigo tunic featured in one of my favorite blogs (Reading My Tea Leaves), and decided it would be an interesting addition to my collection of two button ups. Unfortunately, it was simply too small on me though I did order it in the same size as The Charlie. Trying it on, as small as it is, I am not so sure I look too great in a tunic so I am not going to try to exchange it. Having said that, if you love wearing tunics the color and fabric of this linen version are just beautiful.

So, having sent this one back I am now on the lookout for a button up rather than a tunic. I would love an organic cotton shirt like The Frankie or The Bobbie, but both aren’t available in XXS so I am on the wait list. Either way, I’m hoping they will be coming out with new designs as we transition to Fall.

If nothing becomes available in my size and no new shirts are introduced during August I’ll be shifting my purchase of a new Tradlands shirt to September or October. I’m determined to stay loyal to them since I just can’t see finding a better quality or fit anywhere else.

Tradlands The Charlie 4

By the way, if you’re ordering from Tradlands for the first time and want to get $25 off your first purchase (and give me a $25 discount too!), you can use this link to claim it. As with everything on my blog I pay for everything you see here and nothing has ever been gifted to me.


Thrifted Hermes Land Boots

I was initially going to count shoes as a part of my two monthly purchases, but then I realized that shoes play a completely different role in my wardrobe since they help me put the finishing touches on my outfits, just like my scarves do. That’s not to say I don’t use my monthly budget to buy shoes. I also strive to maintain a minimalist collection of shoes, so when I saw the Land boots pop up on The Real Real at a really great price I decided I should go for it. I don’t have any boots in my shoe collection, and I think they will look nice with the Mata Traders dresses I’m planning on wearing to work regularly as we transition to winter.

Hermes Land boots. Image originally from the US Hermes online store.


The Land boots aren’t available online anymore, so I am actually not sure if they are still being made. I looked for Neo boots while I was in Italy, but couldn’t find them in my size so I am pretty happy to have found these.

Final Thoughts on This Shopping List:

This month I focused my shopping list more on dresses even though I initially really wanted to add a few more shirts to my collection. Unfortunately, my Tradlands purchase didn’t work out and not much is available in my size. I also saw a shirt from Reformation that I thought would look lovely, but it sold out while I was debating it. Note to self: spend less time debating purchases from Reformation! As my orders arrive I will write posts about what worked and what didn’t.



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