Working Out with Yoga Today (AKA: Yoga Galore)

Working out is not something I’ve been able to do persistently. Perhaps you’ve been on the same boat, and if you do you might be like me: fondly remembering days long ago when you actually did workout, felt better, and felt pleased about your weight. That’s something I can remember happening vividly about two years ago, made even more memorable by the fact I had to get all my pants resized! I’ve never been overweight, but it felt great to see a noticeable difference.

Fast forward to the last school year, and no matter how much I thought I’d be able to work out in a week, I never seemed to hit my stride.

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Brass Clothing: My First Maxi Dress

Yes, it’s true. Us 5’2″ girls can also wear Maxi dresses. I’ll be honest when I say that maxi dresses have never been something that I owned because it seemed like with my stature they will look like I’m swimming in a cloak, but this purchase really changed my mind.

In my August purchase list post I mentioned that I ordered this particular dress, and it finally arrived. Brass Clothing is a brand I recently discovered in my attempt to shop ethically, and let me just say that this first dress I ordered did not disappoint.

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Professional & Ethical: Trying the MM.LaFleur Bento Box

When I think about the way my mom used to dress up for work every day when I was younger, I remember that no matter what she wore she always looked put together. She always seemed professionally chic to me, and I really grew to admire her sense of style as I started working and had to consider what I feel I should wear to work. I’ll admit that it’s been hard finding ethical and sustainable fashion options that fit my working lifestyle and my own sense of what it means to look chic or put together. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more uptight about what I wear to work than the average shopper, but most of the offering out there would just won’t do. Linen dresses with no shape? Nope. Tunics? I don’t look great when I wear them. Low cut or interestingly cut shirts? Not appropriate for a middle school. The list goes on and on, and is especially complicated by attempting to shop ethically.

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, many things, but one of them is definitely to check out MM.LaFleur.

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When Discarding, Another Option To Consider: Using ThredUP To Clean Your Closet

I read about ThredUP a few months ago, and the concept bounced around in my mind for a while because the idea of sending my unwanted clothing to a company to resell was something that didn’t occur to me. Yes, I’ve thought a lot about how to get rid of my more expensive purchases, but I usually just put clothes in a bag and take them to Goodwill or have it picked up by Volunteers of America. I feel like I am contributing to my own community when I do that, but ThredUP represents another approach that is also worth considering.

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A Call for No-Judgment Minimalism/Curation/Possessions: Taking the Stress Out of Capsule Wardrobe & the Ownership of Things

This is a bit of a rambling, longer post. Just a heads up!

I recently read an article about buying and purging as bad shopping habits, and it made me contemplate my own approach to maintaining and expanding my wardrobe, and wardrobe minimalism. It made me consider how much we end up beating ourselves up just to follow what works for others and have it not work for us. It made me remember how stressed I was about what it means to have a minimalist collection.

I’ve already covered my own suggestions for avoiding shopping fails (part 1 & part 2) and my own concept of what a capsule wardrobe means to me, but before I read this article I didn’t spend too much time thinking about what it means to “fail” at building a capsule collection. I wanted to discuss this, and my thoughts about it in my blog, because I think the author makes some excellent points to consider when choosing to have less rather than more, and because I think we need some self-compassion when it comes to minimalism, curation, or ownership of things.

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Updated Skincare Routine: All Kypris All the Time – August 2016

While traveling in Israel and Italy this July I’ve experienced another very low skincare moment when I woke up with a huge rash all over my face…And than had that same reaction a week later. Funny enough, I also experienced some of my best skincare moments ever when I woke up with a glowing complexion, also twice. Frustrated by my skin’s lack of ability to commit to one situation or another, and having decided to abandon Korean skincare products in favor of well formulated green beauty products,  I ordered a few things to try out since then. Here’s the tale, and here’s where I’ve ended up.

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August Shopping List: Planning My Purchases

August is a time of year in which I usually kick into gear, since summer vacation is mostly behind me and it’s time to start thinking about going back to work. Time to think about developing new and (hopefully, for the sake of my students) interesting curriculum.  Time to think about the routines I want to cultivate when life gets hectic again. Time to consider what I’m going to wear each day. Therefore, I present to you (dear reader) my August shopping list.

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