Hermes Evelyne Review: A Year of Joy

When I was reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” I came across a piece of advice I never thought I’d follow: When getting home from work each day, take out the entire content of your purse, and place it in it’s own place. Agh, I thought. This seems like a really unnecessary step or another layer of ‘things I have to do now’, which just makes life needlessly complicated. Still, I had space for the content of my bag, and I just bought a new Hermes bag (Picotin in MM) and was favoring it heavily. So, I started placing all my items in a drawer, and made an active decision each morning of which bag to use that day. A year in, I still reach for Evelyne without hesitation. Let’s discuss this bag.

Just like with my wardrobe, I don’t have many bags. In fact, I have a total of four bags. I have two Longchamp Le Pliage bags: one emergency overnight bag always packed in my car, and one small tote for carrying my camera. I also have two Hermes bags: Evelyne III PM and Picotin MM. I bought my Evelyne in Belgium, in July 2015, and until April, it was the only bag I used for work, evening, and anything in between.

In this post, I’d like to share some information I was curious about before I decided to purchase it. I leave you to look up prices and measurements, since these can be easily found on many websites and you might not be interested in buying it new anyway. You can also check it out by visiting the official Hermes US website.

Evelyne 2
The back of my Evelyne in Rubis.


How Big Is It? AKA: What Fits In The Bag?

Well. Unsurprisingly, I like to limit the amount of things I carry daily. I have also opted to keep my wallet + keys combo as small as possible, especially since I don’t keep recipes (hooray for online banking!) and limit the amount of rewards cards I have. Actually, if there’s a loyalty/reward card (not credit card!) I rarely use but might want to have around, I usually leave it in my car. I use the Hermes Calvi card holder to hold up to 10 cards (and it will fit more and some cash), and a Louis Vuitton key pouch in Damier Ebane (hold my car keys, change, and can hold a little more).

Whats in my Hermes Evelyne 2
What’s in my Evelyne when going to work.

When going to work, I usually carry my Longchamp Le Pliage cosmetic case, my iPad Air, an Evernote Moleskine notebook (usually left at work), a scarf, my sunglasses, my work keys (in an Hermes pouch), and something to snack on.

Whats in my Hermes Evelyne 3
What’s in my Evelyne: Out & About configuration

When going out and about to run errands, I usually also like to keep things light. If I am going somewhere I might have to sit and wait I usually carry my iPad or my Kindle, and again carry my essentials. I’ll also include my cosmetic case or a smaller version of a cosmetic case if I don’t feel like I need anything more than gum and chapstick.

Whats in my Hermes Evelyne 4
Just in case you were wondering, this is what I usually keep in my cosmetic case. Not shown are is a tiny Ibuprofen bottle and Burt’s Bees chapstick.

I’ve also carried a small umbrella, a water bottle, and my Macbook Air in my Evelyne – though, I wouldn’t recommend doing either one of these things.

How Durable Is It? AKA: Will I Ruin It?

The short answer is, yes. Yes, you will eventually damage the bag in some way. I have a small scratch/scuff at the back of mine. So what? It’s a bag that’s meant to be used, not worshipped like a shrine. That’s my philosophy, anyway. If you feel like you won’t be able to use it for fear of damaging it, I wouldn’t purchase it. This, especially, is an everyday bag so it’s not going to stay in immaculate shape forever.

In terms of durability, after consistent daily use I have noticed that some of the piping show a little bit of wear, but nothing more. My fabric strap still looks great, but I know if might pill a bit some day. I’m not worried because pilling can be fixed, and Hermes offers a bag spa service in which they restore your bag to (mostly) its former glory.

Evelyne 3

One thing to be aware of is that the bag does rub up against your jeans/pants/skirts. Meaning, you should be conscious of color transfer. In fact, I’ve had that happen to my Evelyne all the time with darker jeans I didn’t think would transfer dye. Not to worry, using alcohol free baby wipes I can always clean it up. When I travel I like to take baby wipes with me, just in case something spills or life happens to it. I find that it’s quite easy to clean like that.

Final Considerations: Misc.

Evelyne 1

Size: When I bought my Evelyne I tried on the GM size, but thought it was huge. At 5’2, I am feel that I am too short and small to carry a bag that big. If you are taller, I think that it would fit even a laptop if that’s what you wanted to carry.

Weight: I fall under the category of “weight wimp”. I can’t carry anything remotely heavy for a long time. So, as you might have noticed, I keep what I carry in my bag to a minimum. My bag is made of Clemence leather and I do not consider this bag heavy at all, so when it is loaded with my belongings I still don’t feel like it’s too much to carry. That is still my impression even during times I wore my bag for hours at a time.

Slouch: Not an issue I see or have. I have noticed it in my Clemence Picotin, though.

Wearability: While there have been occasions in which I’ve used it as an evening bag (as in, took it with me to a restaurant while somewhat nicely dressed), I consider it a day bag or a casual bag. It’s perfect for any activity you need to have your hands free and for travel.

Winter/Poofy Coat: I find that I struggle wearing my Evelyne during the bitterly cold Michigan winters when I just have to wear a big puffy coat. It was during the winter that I decided to buy another bag, my Pico, since I just struggled to move around with it on my shoulder. I felt bulky enough as it is. I think I’ll eventually look for a shoulder bag for winter or finally transition to a nice wool coat that isn’t as bulky as a down-filled coat. Since my dogs are just so furry I haven’t been able to wear anything like a wool coat, but maybe it’s time to reconsider that.

Would I buy it again?

Yes, and in a heartbeat. I use it so much and so often, that it is a true workhorse. I have loved using my bag every moment of this year, and I just can’t imagine growing tired of it, though it may happen one day. The knowledge that the bag has resale value is a nice bonus, if you ever worry that you won’t need or like it. Moreover, my life is more casual than fancy, so the overall look of the Evelyne also fits my lifestyle perfectly. If you are wondering about how I came to purchase the bag and my experience doing so, you can read about it here.

What is your favorite bag (Hermes or otherwise)? What do you think about before buying a new bag? Please share in the comments below.



6 thoughts on “Hermes Evelyne Review: A Year of Joy

  1. It’s funny because I recently realized that I never really reapply my make up or lipstick, so I shouldn’t carry it around. I do think I’ll carry around sunscreen as soon as I can find one that I can use 😉

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  2. I wish I was as organized as you. 🙂 I have resorted to carrying a crossbody bag, so I don’t carry so much stuff. I usually just carry necessities now (wallet, keys, headphones, floss). I never really top up my makeup, so just chapstick and maybe a lipstick sometimes. 🙂


  3. I’m glad you liked it! I feel like recently I’ve really hit my comfort level with the amount of stuff I carry around 😉 What do you usually like to carry in your bag?

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