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Mata Traders Dresses – June Purchase

As I adjust my purchasing habits to become a more ethical fashion consumer, I find myself looking for brands that fit my personal style and my ethical standards. Mata Traders certainly fell right within my ethical standards, but I was worried about how Granola (or “hippie”) the dresses looked.  Let’s discuss the dresses I chose, and why I kept one of them.

Dress #1: Daydream Dress

Daydresm Dress 1

Pattern, Fabric, & Color:

Since I feel most comfortable in black and white, I was immediately drawn to this dress. Despite my reservation about it’s patten, I’m happy to report that the pattern itself doesn’t seem too busy in person.

The fabric is quite thin, but it isn’t sheer and despite being cotton isn’t scratchy. The weight is perfect for warm summer days.

I hope the pattern doesn’t bleed or fades with washing. If it does, I’ll update the post.

Fit & Length:

I was concerned that this dress would only truly look good on someone who has been blessed in the chest region. I’m happy to repot that it’s not the case. Moreover, the dress hides my belly fat nicely, without making me look like I’m with baby.

At 5’2, the length of the dress hits right at my knees, which also makes it the perfect length to wear to work.

I recently wore it to a school event and really loved how easy it is to wear it. Styling the dress is easy: causally wear with my Castanr low wedges. Transition from day to night by changing the wedges to heels and add a nice necklace.


Dress #2: Darling Poets Dress (Returned)

Darling Poets Dress 2

Overall Impression:

This one was tricky. I didn’t realize the roses were actually bright orange when I purchased this dress. However, the pattern is so cheerful and seemed perfect for a bright summer day!  The fabric isn’t sheer despite being white under the rose and leaves pattern, and is quite lightweight. Length was perfect for me, and the pockets are most appreciated.

The fit was another reason I ended up not keeping this dress. While I really loved the fit of the bodice, it was a little loose in the back and would require minor alteration. That’s not something that would deter me from keeping a dress I truly loved, but I liked the dress – not loved it.

Why I Didn’t Keep This Dress:

With both dresses I had to really consider whether or not they fit into my small capsule-esque collection. I mean, will I wear them years to come, or are they just pieces I might like now? Obviously, that’s a hard question to answer.

I decided to think about specific situations during which I might want to wear the dress. For example, I am thinking about going on a beach vacation next summer and the Poet dress would be prefect. Initially, that thought made me think that this dress would really fit with my collection. Still,  as a week went by, I realized that I struggled to wear it. I wanted to. I planned to. I was about to… But I just didn’t. I kept thinking about the reason I discarded so many clothes during my KonMari tidying session, and I think I often kept items I thought I’d like to wear, but something about the item just didn’t sit right with me from the moment I saw them. It was the same with this dress. The color and pattern was too much for me.  I am a monochromatic girl to the core.

Incidentally, I’ve already spent a weekend wearing the Daydream dress, wore it to a school event, and can see myself wearing it to work next year. I will certainly be packing it for an upcoming trip to Italy.

Mata Traders Dresses To Love:

If you are thinking about purchasing a dress from Mata Traders, looking at their current Spring collection I really like their Jaipur V-Neck Dress and the Delaware Dress. I also recommend checking out their sale section for some great finds like the Oberlin Dress and the Parisian Bookshop Dress.

Have you added patterns to your capsule collection? What are your favorite summer dresses? Please share in the comments below. 


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