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June Shopping List + Replacement Series P.1

Moving towards sustainable fashion is turning out to be a process filled with browsing through websites that rarely match my personal style. I cannot stress enough the need to not show my goodies to strangers, and also the need to wear form-fitting clothes that prevent me from looking like I chose to leave the house in a potato sack.

Having said that, I’ve been really pleased with some of my recent finds and have assembled a shopping and a “replacement” long-term purchase list. Let’s discuss.

Even though I have attempted to keep a minimal capsule wardrobe in place, now that the closet discarding stage has been completed I feel like I haven’t reached that magical feeling of “I have all I need!”. Rather, I am firmly stuck in the “need to shop!” mode, even though the school year is about to end steeply declining my need to truly dress up.

To make life easier on myself and my budget, I’ve decided to create two wish lists to work through. My usual June shopping list, and my long-term-I’d-like-to-replace-that list.

Current Wishlist:

  1. Cropped Workout Leggings:

Now that I’m no longer sick and my schedule is clearing up, I’d really like to get back to regularly working out. I’ve been training with Blogilates videos for the last year, and since Cassey Ho doesn’t charge for her amazing Pop Pilates videos I feel strongly about supporting her business by buying her workout clothes or water bottles.

Sitting on my desk at work, ready to start my day with my water bottle. Currently retailing for $18.

Recently, she designed some very cool looking leggings, but I can’t find how they are being produced. This has led me to look at other options, and I found leggings that I truly loved from Yoga Democracy. These are made from recycled materials and are sewn in Arizona, so I’m really pleased to have found them. Although their leggings are truly truly patterned, and I have been a no-patterns kinda person, I am totally in love with their Dragonfly Orchid (crop) leggings. They cost $70, which is a hefty sum that I am not used to pay for workout gear… So, I’m still debating that purchase.

In the meantime, I plan on mixing up my Pop Pilates workouts with some Yoga Today lessons, which I can attest to as really wonderful subscription yoga workouts. The subscription costs $15 a month, which is so incredibly cheaper than going to a studio in my area. Hooray for online workout videos!

2. Small Trades: I Love You So

My  love affair with Small Trades continues, and I have been planning on adding their Simpleboat Sleeveless Tee in black. I currently own one Loft lace tank top, and two Cuyana silk tank tops, so I’d love to have another option that isn’t too dressy.

Small Trades Grey
My grey Simpleboat tee. Available at Quotidienne too.

I’ve really been wearing these shirts non-stop, and they show zero signs of wear. Also, they are not sheer at all, which makes me love them possibly even more.

Small Trades Shirts
My Small Trades shirts. You can buy the striped one on Zady, too.


3. If Things Don’t Work Out In the Dress Department:

If my Mata Traders dresses arrive and don’t work for me, I am fairly certain I’m going to go back to my usual monochrome comfort zone, and purchase a dress from Bridge & Burn. You can read about their production ethics here, and suffice to say I find them to be a company I’d like to support.

While their style doesn’t always fit with my style esthetics, I do love some of their dresses and can see wearing them for years to come.

The Tayler dress (left) and the Ashton dress (right) are true favorites. The Tayler dress is made of linen and cotton and costs $138, before shipping. The Ashton dress is made of 100% linen and costs $138.

Replacement Wish List: Dress & Shirt Edition

  1. Black Dress:

Owning either one of the dresses mentioned above will allow me to let go of my black UNIQLO x Lemaire dress, which I find to be filled with lots and lots of loose fabric and makes me look a bit like a nun. While it can be styled to look nice enough, I’d love a more ethical option and a dress that is more tailored.  Having wore it to work on a particularly long day, I am revising my desire to replace it. I’ll write about that soon!

Let the replacement commence!

2. Chambray Button-Up Shirt & Other Button-Up Shirts

Having finally let go of all of my H&M button-up shirts, I am truly feeling a need to find quality  shirts I can wear to work as my uniform. I can go with the thrifted option by buying some Brooks Brothers shirts from ThredUp, but I am totally smitten with a few Tradlands shirts.

Let’s finally part ways, J Crew.

Tradlands makes button-up shirts, and seems to promise to mend shirts (if needed) within one year of purchase. They are made in Chicago, I really like their overall design philosophy. I am very interested in their Oxford and Chambray button-ups, but the $167 price tag means I’ll be making these purchases only when I truly go back to work and need work shirts (i.e., September). Here’s hoping they won’t be totally sold out by the time I’m ready to make that purchase!

What is on your June shopping wish list? Do you have clothing you’d like to replace? Any suggestions for work-appropriate ethical fashion retailers? Please leave your comments below. 


3 thoughts on “June Shopping List + Replacement Series P.1

  1. I need some chinos for work. It is as though most of my clothes is too casual or too dressy and when it comes to work wardrobe, I have nothing to wear. I am also missing long sleeve tops.


  2. I have finally gotten around to sorting through my closet, thanks to your previous post, it inspired me. Listed a bunch of stuff for sale on Poshmark as it does not serve me well. Today and tomorrow I have packages coming with some wardrobe updates


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