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May Shopping List – Post Discarding and Onto Joy

With my closet now trimmed to those objects that truly spark joy, I realize that I had a need for a few more items to carry me through the summer months. Perhaps having a minimalist collection makes me more attached to what I own, so as I move away from fast-fashion to a highly curated capsule collection, I find myself keeping an eye on what I purchase. My new goal seems to be curating a collection of ethical + natural fibers + made in U.S./fair trade fashion.

I decided to revive my shopping list posts, in case anyone else is in the same boat, and will continue reviewing new purchases as I use my new items. In this post, let’s discuss some recent purchases of May-June.

Now that my collection has been edited, I noticed a gap in my collection.

Closet Gap #1: Basic T-Shirts

Having been left with two* white t-shirts and nothing else (t-shirt wise), I promptly decided to find some new basic t-shirst in black and grey.

Black T-Shirt: BeGood Clothes Pine Tee

BeGood Pine Tee. I bought the XS for $20.

I was really impressed by the transparency of production by BeGood, and decided to give their t-shirts a try. I ordered the black Pine Tee and the Powell Tee in navy, but instead received two black Pine Tees. After some contemplation, I decided to keep both. I can attest that their customer service was happy to send me my correct order, but honestly… I felt like it was a magical happenstance.

Having worn both and washed them several times, I sense these are built to last. They aren’t as soft as Pima cotton shirts, but they have yet to pill on me and haven’t shrunk. I call that success and a likely ‘workhorse’ shirt.

They are not the world’s most thrilling shirt, but they keeps my ladies from greeting strangers, are slightly cropped but not revealing, and overall easy to style. It’s one of the more fitted shirts I’ve seen out there in the ethical fashion world, but don’t worry: the fit is flattering not tight on the curves.

White T-Shirt: Pact Super Soft Organic V-Neck

* Two white t-shirts recently turned into one white t-shirt as I finally give up on wearing my Cuyana Pima cotton t-shirt out in public. I’m sorry, but I would rather not show my goodies to strangers. The cut is simply too low and it’s just doesn’t look too great with a layer underneath. It brings me so much joy to wear since it’s soft and lovely, so I decided to keep it. Thus, a quest for a new white t-shirt began.

Turns out, white t-shirts are super popular. As in, every time I try to buy one it’s out of stock. Nope, Everlane, I’d rather not buy a shirt that arrives mid-July as lovely as it may be. This led me to Pact, a company that seems deeply committed to the people who make our clothes and uses organic cotton. They sell lots of interesting basics, and luckily had this V-Neck tee available.


P.S., they are currently running a 25% off promotion. Will review when it arrives.

Grey T-Shirt: Small Trades Simpleboat Cap Sleeve

Having fallen head-over-heels for their striped shirt, I decided to purchase another shirt from Small Trades. They don’t seem to have many of their short sleeve offering in stock at the moment, but I hope this might change eventually. In the meantime, I tracked their grey Simpleboat Cap Sleeve t-shirt in size 1 and ordered it.

Small Trades Simpleboat Cap Sleeve grey t-shirt. Costs $60, and ships for free.

I have been so thrilled that I found Small Trades, and this shirt really sealed this growing love. Really, I’ve been wearing and hand washing this shirt non-stop and it hasn’t shown any wear at all, hasn’t shrunk, and looks well fitted. I cannot recommend these enough – get them while you can! More shirts from this company are very much at the top of on my wish-list.

Closet Gap #2: Dressier Outfits

Recently, I observed that whenever my husband and I go out these days, he is far nicely dressed than I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my husband is well dressed, it’s just that I would love to keep up.

Dresses: Mata Traders 

I am not a dress person. I’ll be the first one to admit it. I currently own only one dress, and it is mainly due to the fact I have to attend our middle school dance. Still, it occurred to me that wearing dresses can be a super easy way to look a little more polished when going out. I decided to really push my comfort level and go for something more colorful, which brings me to Mata Traders.

Daydream dress black. Currently on sale for $49.99.

Patterns. Mata Traders seem to love making dresses with lots and lots of patterns. Initially, I overlooked their collections because I am a black-white-no-pattern kinda girl. Having said that,  I loved their fair-trade ways and their super cute looking dresses.

First,  I ordered  a dress that seemed cut to hide my belly fat, and with colors I am comfortable wearing: black and white. I can see styling this with black heels and a pearl necklace for a polished evening look.

Darling Poets dress coral. Currently $89.

This dress really pushes me out of my comfort level with it’s colors and rose pattern. I decided to purchase it nonetheless since it looks like a perfect summer dress to wander around in Italy during my upcoming trip. The cut looks like it would be quite flattering, and I see styling it with my vintage Chanel slingback heels and a nice necklace.

Silk Tops: Cuyana Scoop Silk Tank

While my black t-shirt purchase totally failed due to immediate pilling (kudos, by the way, to their lovely and quick customer service!), my silk top seems more promising. I purchased the black Scoop Silk Tank and have worn it several times and washed it. I can see some slight pilling occurring, but this is one lovely top.

Cuyana Silk Tank in black. Currently priced at $135.

The silk is thick crepe de chine, and the cut of the shirt is loose but not like a billow-y pregnancy shirt. The neckline is more plunging than I’d like it to be, so I wear it with a scarf to work and a tank top underneath, but it looks quite flattering and polished whether layered or not.

I ordered the white one, too. I’ll write another post about it when it arrives. I must say, though, that Cuyana just released new summer silks and thought they look lovely… What’s the deal with their wearability? They look like you can’t wear them with any bra that I’m aware of and they mostly look like intimate loungewear. I was really looking forward to their new collection, but I will not be purchasing any one it.


This leads me to a quick rant… Seriously, ethical/fair trade clothing companies. I have a job that requires not showing my goodies. Can we please get some clothes that are well fitted, can be worn with a bra, and help us look like professionals? How about some classic tops rather than just trendy pieces? I cannot stress the need to wear a bra, people.

With that, I’ll conclude this post. I’ll write a review of items as they arrive, and a post about some items I’ve been eyeing moving forward. In the meantime, what are wardrobe pieces you are missing? Where do you buy your clothes? Please share in the comments below.


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