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The Search for a Silk Top: Everlane

If you’ve been following my blog, it won’t come as a surprise that I have been considering what to pack for a coming trip abroad this July. I’ve, of course, created a spreadsheet with my packing list. This crystallized a realization that I might not be spring and summer ready clothing wise. I’ve made some recent purchases, and today I’d like to discuss Everlane.

Everlane is an online clothing retails that really wants you to know how it’s clothing items are being produced, where they are being produced, and at what cost to the manufacturer. As I move to quality purchases, finding ethical retails has really been on top of my to-do list, so Everlane was naturally one of the first places I went looking for a great silk top.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 6.17.15 PM

I Am Looking For…?

Now, indulge me for a moment. I love lists, so it’s only natural I’d make one to to be quite specific for a moment in what it is that I am looking for:

  • Clothes that are made by treating workers well physically and financially; preferably in the U.S., preferably by a smaller manufacturer.
  •  Clothing that actually looks professional. As a teacher, I also need my wardrobe to be somewhat modest, in the sense that I’d rather not show my privates to my students.
  • While I am willing to spend about $300 on a sweater, I am looking to keep my purchase of a single shirt to under $150. I feel like I tend to ruin my shirts a little more often than I do my pants, for example.
  • The fit… I really go for more feminine cuts. I enjoy hiding my tummy from the world, but I still need my clothing to have some sort of a shape.
  • The quality has to be there. At least, I should hold the item and be convinced that it’s likely to hold up.
  • It must spark some sense of joy. I’ll be blogging more about the KonMari take over I’ve been experiencing lately in some upcoming posts!


So, Why Didn’t My Everlane Order Work For Me?

I ordered the The Drop-Shoulder Crew Tee ($22) in black, and The Silk Tank ($58) also in black. Shipping was free, which was quite nice and the ordered arrived fairly quickly. Everlane certainly meets my desire for ethically made clothes, and the prices are excellent for building a small summer collection quickly.

Everlane 3
The Silk Tank

The silk tank felt quite texturized to me, and the word suede comes to mind. It felt pleasant enough again the skin, but I still felt a need to put a camisole underneath. It was somewhat thin and sheer. I can work with that, but I was really hoping for a more opaque shirt especially for warmer summer days.

Everlane 2

My biggest issue, though, was with the fit. I’m not sure how well my images show this, but it was just so loose. While I can tolerate a high/low hemline, I really felt like even in the XS there was just too much fabric and too little shape. I tried it on with my work pants, and it felt too causal, although if you like tucking in shirts it might work for you. Finally, it didn’t  spark any joy, mostly because I didn’t feel particularly comfortable or pleased with the way I looked in the mirror.

Everlane 1
Drop-shoulder tee

The t-shirt was interesting. I chose the XXS, and felt like the cut itself was much better. However, the neckline felt too high and the fabric too thin. I compared it to my Cuyana white t-shirt (also made from 100% Pima cotton), and it just didn’t feel substantial enough. While I really debated keeping the shirt, the simple question of sparking joy or not left me feeling like it was not. Again, looking in the mirror I didn’t feel like it was flattering, and I felt (gasp!) possibly too modest with the neckline. I think the “drop-shoulder” effect only happens when the shirt is oversized.

Final Thoughts:

While I might shop at Everlane again, I struggle with their cuts that didn’t look at polished on me, as I had hoped. Their collection feels quite trendy, which doesn’t quite speak to me. I still love their ethical commitment to production, and their prices are definitely more budget friendly. Certainly more than Cuyana, which is the clothing brand I turned to next in my attempt to shop for a silk shirt. I’ll write a blog post about it as soon as it arrives.

Where do you buy your silk tops? Do you have a favorite ethical clothing company? Please share in the comments below!


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