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Moving On To Quality From Quantity: Purchase Plans

In my last post I discussed my capsule collection uniform, and showed examples of what I wear daily. When I reorganized my closet last summer I donated so many clothes that when I started teaching again in September I was in a real panic about what I had to wear. I chose UNIQLO as my shopping destination due to price and overall quality for price, and I wasn’t disappointed. Yet, now I feel it’s time to start a new shopping chapter. With my  basic”uniform” ready to go, it’s time to start investing in quality over quantity. Here’s where I’m heading.

Now that I am not buying clothes just to have them, investing in (more) expensive items doesn’t seem to be a hindrance. Actually, it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, so it’s been actually liberating to move away from maximizing my budget. I found that as I move away from this idea, I do struggle at times and to a certain extend I am a lot more critical with what I purchase and how/where it’s made.

Quality Cashmere 

Cashmere cardigan in action.

When winter started I decided that I was interested in trying out UNIQLO’s cashmere cardigan to see whether or not it will hold up and whether I actually liked wearing it. Since I’ve only had it since December I am not sure whether it will last through multiple winters, but I will say that it hasn’t pilled much (I brush it regularly) and I’ve been hand washing it so wear has been minimal. However, I find this cardigan to be itchy when worn with a short sleeve t-shirt and it is quite thin. 

After much thought, I’ve decided that I like cashmere enough to start looking into purchasing a quality cashmere cardigan. Brora has been a UK brand that I’ve been curious about for a long time, especially since I really like their philosophy and their commitment to support farmers and keep production in Scotland. When I noticed that their U.S. website finally had a sale going on, it seemed like the stars aligned… and I bought my very first Brora cashmere cropped cardigan.

Image from Brora’s US website

I will update this post or link to a new post once it arrives. It cost $279 with shipping, which is the most I have ever paid for a piece of clothing that isn’t a coat.

May Purchase List: Quality Silk

I’ve been working on my purchase list for April when I noticed the aforementioned cardigan, so those plans have been pushed to May. With the weather changing, I’ve wanted to focus on adding silks to my wardrobe. I’ve talked about this at length, but if you haven’t read my blog before, I am very particular about moving onto natural fibers. If you are interested to learn more about fabrics, you can read about it in this wonderful blog post at Paris To Go.

Silk has been a natural progression, as I’ve recently worn an old Loft polyester blouse and really noticed how different it felt. I am sure I sound like a snob here, but really, I feel like polyester fabrics don’t feel as comfortable against the skin as say cotton or linen does, and my polyester shirts are just so static-y that they end up looking weird too. In an effort to move onward to quality silk I am debating a few options.

Vintage Silks: The Real Real has some really great finds, and I’ve been really interested to see how designer made silks hold up over time and feel when worn. I know I want thicker silks, as I truly hate see-though shirts, that can be worn during summer with a cardigan.

For example, check out this gorgeous Chanel silk top at The Real Real.

My only issue here is finding shirts that fit with my overall style, size, and budget. Prices seem to range from $76-$900 for designers like Chanel, Dior, and Hermes, who are known for making quality clothing. A 20% off coupon is always available, but I am interested in paying around $150 per shirt, so we will have to see. I’ve marked up a few favorites and time will tell whether or not someone will snatch them up before May arrives.

Cuyana Silks: Alternatively, I’ve been eyeing Cuyana silks for a while. I absolutely love my Pima cotton Cuyana t-shirt, and I became particularly interested in their silks after reading this comparison at Alternations Needed between Cuyana silks and the popular Equipment silk shirts.

Currently, I am thinking of purchasing one of their Scoop Silk Tanks  ($135) and one of their Silk Tee ($155), likely both in black or black and white. I absolutely love that these are made in the U.S., although I am not sure where their silks are sourced from.

Without a doubt, I am looking for quality and longevity when purchasing items at these prices. Tailoring is also extremely important, as the goal is to wear these for many many years. I am so incredibly thrilled and fortunate to finally move from quantity to quality.

What quality items do you have in your closet? Any one can share their experience with Cuyana silks? Please share your comments below!


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