Moving On To Quality From Quantity: Purchase Plans

In my last post I discussed my capsule collection uniform, and showed examples of what I wear daily. When I reorganized my closet last summer I donated so many clothes that when I started teaching again in September I was in a real panic about what I had to wear. I chose UNIQLO as my shopping destination due to price and overall quality for price, and I wasn’t disappointed. Yet, now I feel it’s time to start a new shopping chapter. With my  basic”uniform” ready to go, it’s time to start investing in quality over quantity. Here’s where I’m heading.

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My Uniform: Wearing While Teaching

When I was in middle school I had to wear a uniform every day. I remember loathing it, since I felt that it totally stifled my creatively. To make it a little more my own, I changed the buttons of my shirts to something a little more festive and wore mostly black. Funny how as an adult, festive buttons excluded, I have ended up with the same ensemble. Today I want to share the uniform pieces I have collected and culled over the years, as these are my true capsule collection.

Capsule collection in action! For details, keep on reading. Also, sorry for the vacuum cleaner in the back. Honestly, with a Great Pyrenees and English Mastiff, we mostly vacuum like it’s going out of style.

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