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UNIQLO x LEMAIRE – Spring Collection

As I mentioned in my previous post, I began my spring closet update with another round of UNIQLO x LEMAIRE collection purchases. These finally arrived and here are my thoughts and keeps.

I wanted to get my thoughts out as quickly as possible, while some items are still available and being restocked, so my apologies for the iPhone photos you are about to see!

Lemaire Seersucker Short Sleeve T Blouse

I was really excited about this shirt, so I ordered it in both black and white. I was concerned about the shape of this shirt when I saw it posted on Instagram, but I truly didn’t realize how pregnant-y/billowy this shirt truly is until I finally tried it on.



Really, this shirt just has so much excess fabric. I prefer shirts with a little more shape, so I really struggled to make it work even with skinny pants.


The white one somehow works a little better for me, but I do want to point out that the seersucker is incredibly see-through, and I’ll expand on that when I discuss the dresses I ordered. I decided to return both shirts. While looking at the shirt from the front simply looks like a very loose summer shirt, the back just does my body no favors.

Lemaire Boat Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

LemxUNIQLO 3I decided to add this shirt to my cart mainly because of the color and it’s very cheap price ($19.90), but not because I thought the design was particularly interesting. Trying it on, pretty much proved to me that it is a somewhat dull staple, but a staple nonetheless.

The design is quite similar to the other boatneck t-shirts UNIQLO has on sale at the moment, but the fabric is much more stiff on this one. It’s made of 100% cotton, and it’s not a soft cotton shirt. While it is comfortable enough to wear, it is very coarse.

I decided to keep this one, mainly because the price was low enough and I could use this color to add some interest to my otherwise black/white/brown/grey collection.

By the way, I am wearing my new Castaner espadrilles, which I have been really loving. These are super comfortable with it’s low heel. I also feel like the rubber bottom is an excellent addition, especially for slightly rainy days when the floor is wet and damp, and one wishes not to do the splits spontaneously.

I foresee buying more of these, as summer rolls around.

Lemaire Seersucker Sleeveless Dress

I ordered two of these dresses, in black and white, and I have been super excited for them to arrive. These did not disappoint. These dresses look great, and fit great. They are exactly what I was looking for, and are formal enough to wear out to slightly more elegant affairs.

I decided to keep the black one, but I was very conflicted. The main issue with the white dress is sheerness of the seersucker fabric. Pictures don’t show it, but let me assure you that you would need to wear some sort of a slip underneath it unless you intend to show the world your goodies. The seersucker fabric is also surprisingly stiff.



I imagined wearing the white dress during my upcoming Italy summer vacation, but I wasn’t sure how complicated it would be to find the right slip to wear underneath it. The black dress also seemed more formal and classic to me. The pockets are also less noticeable, and are just as cute and are truly a lovely addition to the dress. I love how the dress looks with my shiny yellow Jimmy Choo wedges, but I think it would look equally wonderful with heels.

I do want to point out that without the belt, I would have sent both of these dresses back. Similarly to the shirts mentioned above, there is a lot of excess fabric here as well and it makes the dress look huge when hanging. To add a little more interest to the ensemble, you can play around with adding different belts or even tying a scarf to add even more color. I look forward to doing just that.

Overall, I think I’m not sure how well this particular collection worked for me. If I was in the market for sweaters, I would certainly be purchasing a few more items, but I cannot bring myself to purchase one more sweater at this time. I wish the shirts were even a little less loose or a little more fitted, but that is not the overall style of the Lemaire collections. I wonder if we will see a summer collection, and I will be quite pleased if that did transpire.

One In – One Out

Just as a quick aside, since I am dedicated to maintaining my capsule / minimal closet at it’s current size, I am following the concept of one item in – one item out. I haven’t used my Stone (beige) pebbled leather Cuyana tote since summer and have my sight on a new tote, so I decided to preemptively to make room for a an upcoming tote purchase.

Shown here fully packet at the airport before my epic summer holiday in 2015 🙂 

A such, I am now selling my beloved Cuyana Classic Leather Tote on eBay (link to listing). I’ve used this tote to carry all my teacher belongings (Laptop? Check! Papers to grade? Check! Organizer? Check! Various cables? Check! Cardigan and scarf? Check!..), and even traveled with it last year to Europe. Still, it is in wonderful shape, and is the perfect color for spring. I hope it finds a loving home!

What did you think about this collection? What are your favorite piece? Please share in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “UNIQLO x LEMAIRE – Spring Collection

  1. Thank you for your reviews on Uniqlo Lemaire. I’ve been in love since the winter collection and the T blouse from AW is one of my favorite tops ever!!!!
    But I did have to exchange from my normal size L uniqlo size to … XS …!
    Also I got the Vneck sweater too 😉
    The flare on the hips are very flattering on my not-so-forte tummy, it’s probably better to size down. I just ordered the boat neck and the sheer sucker tops yesterday , I may need to do bit of exchanging. I wish I found your blog earlier!!!
    The dress on you looks chic!!!


  2. I got the white in medium and it was loose on me, so I did not really pay much attention to anything else. I felt that it looked like nurses uniform, just did not have the poise of the black one.


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