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Closet Update: Spring! UNIQLO & Castaner

Although you wouldn’t know it if you looked outside my window, warmer temperatures are soon to grace us with their presence. We’ve had two major snow storms recently so you can barely see any green in sight, but that didn’t stop me from preparing to transition into my spring wardrobe build-up. I haven’t purchased too much, but I feel like what I did select really enriches my collection.

UNIQLO is certainly a favorite shopping spot for me, but their recent collaborations yielded some really interesting collections. Let me apologize up front for the iPhone photographs here. I really need to find a good point-and-shoot!

 UNIQLO and Ines de la Fressange:

In theory, I am always a huge fan of the creations curtesy of UNIQLO and Ines de la Fressange. Her sense of style and the fabrics use to execute every collection makes for a very attractive collection. Still, I often struggle to find those piece I believe work with what I already have and what I see myself wearing. So, after much consideration, I decided to go with the following pieces:


WOMEN IDLF LINEN LONG SLEEVE SHIRT – a light linen pull-over shirt.


I love linen, and this shirt looks like it would transition nicely into summer. However, when I tried it on I felt like it was a little too loose and shapeless for my taste.  I ultimately sent it back, since I had a similar issue with a buttoned shirt I bought and kept during the last Ines x UNIQLO collaboration.

This shirt is somewhat cropped, as well.


I love 3/4 shirts and lace, so I was super pleased to see a few options pop up.

WOMEN IDLF EYELET 3/4 SLEEVE T-SHIRT – comes in white, pink, and navy with a delicate floral embroidery.


Unfortunately, this shirt wasn’t a keeper either since it is so incredibly sheer. I don’t like showing this much camisole underneath my white shirts, but I absolutely loved the lightness of this cotton fabric and the overall fit. I am still debating whether I should order the navy version of this shirt, though.

Too see-through for my taste, but excellent fit and style!

The surprise keeper item was this lovely lacy tunic. I say surprising because since I am this short and pear shaped, I never quite feel like tunics are my thing.

WOMEN IDLF LACY TUNIC – I wasn’t sure if this would be too grandma like…

However, I can easily fold this tunic to make it less dress-like, and more like a longer shirt. The lace is absolutely lovely, and the cotton feels both breathable and warm enough for this season.

With jeans, folded. Tags included!
Black Paige pants and lacy tunic, folded. I think it works great when wearing tighter pants to work, as well.

Early in the collection there was also a cardigan version of this lacy tunic, but I was too slow and it sold out online before I could get it. If I ever see it pop-up in my size, I’ll certainly be purchasing it. As always, there are also great looking jackets and pants to choose from in this collection. I’m all set on both, but if I needed more pants I would opt for the relaxed fit cotton pants they have available.

UNIQLO and Lemaire:

This collection came out just this week, and I haven’t received my order yet, so I’ll only share what I decided to order. I’ll make sure to write a more detailed post when my order arrivessee my review here!

First, I’ve been eyeing the dresses in this collection since they were announced. I don’t wear dressed almost at all, but I do have a few events (and a vacation!) coming up, so I thought it would be nice to find one that could be worn casually or more formally.


I ordered this dress in both black and white, and some pictures on Instagram show that this will either be a perfectly stylish dress or something spectacularly frumpy. I’m hoping for the former. I’d like to wear it with heels or wedges, and possibly even use a scarf to clinch it.



Another item that might fall under the frumpy category is this blouse, which I ordered in black and white again. I didn’t notice how loose the fit is likely to be until I looked at some Instagram pictures, but I’m really hoping for a keeper here.


Finally, I have so many 3/4 shirts… But none of them is in this blue shade and the fabric looks like it might be heavier than my regular Supima cotton shirts so I was naturally curious.


My love for wedges is only too apparent to me when I look at my collection of summer shoes. My Jimmy Choo Praise cork wedges in bright yellow and red Tom’s wedges are both a tad too high for me to wear while teaching, so I was on the lookout for low heeled wedges.

Enter…Castañer! They are made in Spain (since 1927), come in a great variety of heel sizes and are made of lovely linen. Perfect for a light-standing-all-day shoe. I ordered two styles from Farfetch: the ‘Beli’ wedge espadrilles in beige, and the ‘Dosalia’ wedge espadrilles in navy.

This is the first time I ordered from Farfetch, but I am sensing not the last time! The process is easy enough and the quick delivery is a wonderful bonus.

I love the low heel of the Dosalia wedges, and it is so incredibly comfortable. My lovely E. Porselli flats are nearing their demise (I’ve managed to detach the resoled bottoms, and chip at the black paint/leather at the front of my shoes), and I think this will be a natural successor.

What are your spring purchases? Thoughts about the recent UNIQLO x LEMAIRE collection?



10 thoughts on “Closet Update: Spring! UNIQLO & Castaner

  1. I mostly looked at Instagram to asses which items I’d get. I think I overlooked a skirt that is now totally gone, but maybe it will eventually be back.


  2. There are a few reviews out there. Although some things that worked fine for me but did not for others and vice versa. There us a dress I overlooked at first but loved it on one of photos I found so decided to give it a shot


  3. I really wish it was easier to find these reviews! I always wonder how people wear these collections and if I missed something that didn’t look that great online at first 🙂 It’s especially hard to tell how the pieces will look when they don’t have pictures of a model wearing them. Hope my reviews are helpful!


  4. I got a pair of wide-leg oants and a pair if straight leg. And a sweater with long sleeves, did not like any of the short-sleeved ones. Plus the long-sleeved dress


  5. Very cool! I was seriously debating the short sleeve sweaters, but I wasn’t sure if they would keep me warm enough with the a/c blowing in my classroom 🙂 Which pants did you choose? Did you order anything from the last collection?


  6. I have also just placed an order for 5 picks from Lemaire, that dress you got is one of them plus deep v neck sweater and some pants. I can’t wait to try them on


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