Battle of the Lip Balm: Whamisa VS. Weleda

Oh Winter. It’s as if you are determined to make me moisturize from head to toe. While dry lips can certainly plague us during warmer months, dry and peeling lips are somehow made even worse during the winter. That’s why I hoard lip balms every where I go. Let’s discuss two of them in this short review.

Lipbalm Comparison 1

Note to self: I use the word “dry” a lot. Must use a thesaurus.

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Closet Update: Spring! UNIQLO & Castaner

Although you wouldn’t know it if you looked outside my window, warmer temperatures are soon to grace us with their presence. We’ve had two major snow storms recently so you can barely see any green in sight, but that didn’t stop me from preparing to transition into my spring wardrobe build-up. I haven’t purchased too much, but I feel like what I did select really enriches my collection.

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