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Keep the Capsule Interesting: Hermès Scarves

I’ll be the first to admit that my capsule collection can be quite dull. In all honesty, that was partially the point. I wanted colors that were easy to mix and match (read: black, white, brown, grey, and navy), no patterns, lots of black pants and jeans, and lots of doubling up. I have the same sweater in four colors, and the same t-shirt in four colors. Yet, my collection isn’t a total snooze-fest, mostly (if not all) due to my tiny (and expanding) collection of Hermès scarves.

Hermes Scarves Collection 2015 4
My tiny tiny four scarf collection, which I plan to grow into at least a twelve scarf collection.

Capsule Basics:

Initially, I created a spreadsheet noting how many items from each category I’d like to have and in which color. Then I created a wishlist, and from there I developed an overview of what I roughly refer to as year 1 plans and year 2 plans.

Year 1: 2015 Summer-Winter Collection

My scarves drying up after hand washing them for the first time.

Was all about the most basic of basics. I chose UNIQLO to be my shopping destination due to their great collaborations, the quality of their clothing (which has really impressed me over time), and their Merino wool and Supima cotton. I bought multiples of the same item in limited colors, and as my shopping continued noticed how boring my collection was getting. I decided to branch out to reds and stripes, but noticed I just wasn’t drawn to wearing them as much.

Wearing Tyger Tyger to work in this blurry 5am picture.

Around that time I realized just how much I relied on my Hermès scarf (Tyger Tyger) to keep my outfits looking interesting, professional, and polished. This has lead me to begin slowly building my Hermès scarf collection, and I am now up to four (with a fifth one currently en-route).

Hermes Scarf Ring MaiTai 1
Tyger Tyger & MaiTai Collection scarf ring

Looking at my collection of scarves, it’s a fair assessment to say that I have a particular type of design that I like. I love everything blooming, nature-filled, and have a weakness for white backgrounds:

Hermes Scarves Collection 2015 3
From top to bottom: ‘Tyger Tyger’, ‘Axis Mundi’, ‘Peuple Du Vent’, and ‘Les Legendes De L’Arbre’.
Hermes Scarves Collection 2015 2
Depending on how the scarf is folded, some colors and patterns can be extenuated.

Admittedly, acquiring a scarf ring has been a critical step forward ensuring I keep things interesting, since it allows me to play around with the way I tie my scarf (instead of my default tied ends approach). I chose to start with one MaiTai Collection Classique Mother of Pearl, in the Grande size, just to see how I feel about it. I believe I’ll be adding a couple more of her beautiful scarf rings, and possibly necklaces, to my collection in the future.

Scarf Ring MaiTai 3
Mother of pearl scarf ring has two sides: This one is the darker side.
Scarf Ring MaiTai 2
This one is the light side. This makes me feel like I have two scarf rings in one!

One of the things I’ve grown to love the most about this small collection is the ability to match all of these to what I wear daily. Even the purple ‘Peuple Du Vent’ that at first challenged me, has now become an easy go to. I’ve even learned that wearing a necklace with scarves can liven up the simplest t-shirt and cardigan combo. Here are a few examples.

Grey  Supima t-shirt, white Merino wool cardigan, and jeans.
Black cashmere cardigan, black Supima t-shirt, and jeans.
Brown Merino wool cardigan, white t-shirt, and jeans. Evelyne PM in Rubis adds even more colors with an orange-brown twilly folded strap.


Planning for Year 2: Scarves & Simple Chic

So, as I begin 2016 I am thinking about what comes next. I’d like to expand my scarf collection to include such colors as black and gold, and find a Decoupage and Early America in a price I am willing pay and in colors that I like. I’d love to buy a mousseline scarf for summer, and eventually add a cashmere shawl. Again, I’d like to reach the magical number of twelve scarves because I believe this will give me a great rotation so as not to use some too heavily, while allowing me to take full advantage of many colors, patterns, and design motifs.

In terms of my clothing collection, I’ve now learned that I tend to destroy clothing more frequently than I had anticipated. This leads me to believe that going for the best quality at very high prices (for example, coveted Brora cashmere cardigans), may not be the best idea for me. I’m currently testing one UNIQLO cashmere cardigan to see how it survives a season with heavy rotation, and if it makes it I’ll add a few more of these next winter. I would like to find a few colorful silk shirts, for those moments I feel like mixing it up.

Lastly, I’d like to add at least one Chanel jacket to my collection in 2016, since these jackets are truly a work of art. I foresee such a jacket adding lots of style to my casual wardrobe, and I’m hoping to find one in white once I add a few more short sleeve t-shirts and dresses to my summer collection.

What are your favorite ways of adding colors and interest to your wardrobe? What are your clothing plans for 2016? Please share in the comments below.


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