Sheet Mask Challenged – Trying to Mask It Without Butylene Glycol

Since I began partaking in the joys of Korean skin care I’ve been sheet mask challenged. Butylene Glycol, my nemesis (cue: mega breakouts), seems to be in pretty much every sheet mask anyone raves about, leaving me wishing I could find some cost-effective-no-breakout way of joying the party. Luckily, after spending time (more than I’m willing to admit) looking around, I finally found two brands/flavors of masks I can use. Hooray!


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Keep the Capsule Interesting: Hermès Scarves

I’ll be the first to admit that my capsule collection can be quite dull. In all honesty, that was partially the point. I wanted colors that were easy to mix and match (read: black, white, brown, grey, and navy), no patterns, lots of black pants and jeans, and lots of doubling up. I have the same sweater in four colors, and the same t-shirt in four colors. Yet, my collection isn’t a total snooze-fest, mostly (if not all) due to my tiny (and expanding) collection of Hermès scarves.

Hermes Scarves Collection 2015 4
My tiny tiny four scarf collection, which I plan to grow into at least a twelve scarf collection.

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