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October Purchase List – Prep One’s Closet for Winter

I don’t know about your area, but we in Michigan are already dipping into our usual low temperatures, making me wish I could bundle up in a blanket whilst outside my house. With this in mind, let’s talk about my shopping list for October.

First, my recent love and enthusiasm for UNIQLO collaborations has grown to include the most recent one with Lemaire. Initially, I felt the overall look of the collection wouldn’t work for me since it looked more masculine and oversized. The closer I looked, however, I noticed some pieces I absolutely loved. Here are the ones I planned to purchase and actually ordered:

  1. Lemaire Lambswool Long Cardigan
Image from UNIQLO website.
                              Image from the UNIQLO website.

This was really the first sweater I decided to purchase. It looks warm and is made of 100% wool, which fits with my goal of only owning clothes made of natural fibers. I bought this cardigan in navy and white. Price: $59.90 each.

2.  Lemaire Milano Rib Flare V-Neck Sweater

Image from the UNIQLO website.
                             Image from the UNIQLO website.

This sweater looks like it has a beautiful flare, which I am very excited about. I’ve wanted to start adding basics with more interesting details to my collection, and this certainly fits the bill. I bought the black version of this sweater, and I imagine I’d wear it with fitted black pants and my E.Porselli flats, with a colorful scarf to add some color. Price: $49.90.

3. Lemaire Cashmere Blended Boat Neck Sweater

Image from the UNIQLO website.
                                           Image from the UNIQLO website.

Honestly, I am not sure about this sweater. I ordered it since I like the neckline and the fact that it’s made of 73% Wool and 24% Cashmere (plus 2% Nylon and 1% Spandex), but the images on the website show the sleeves might be somewhat loose. Since it’s slightly more expensive than the rest of the items, I’m gonna make sure I like the fit before I decide to keep it. Priced at $69.90.

Other UNIQLO purchases:

I decided to add another Supima cotton + modal 3/4 shirt to my collection, and this time purchases the white version in size S. They’ve been holding up with repeated laundering, and the price ($14.90) makes it an easy to own staple.

Image from UNIQLO.
                                              Image from UNIQLO.

I also added another HEATTECH sleeveless top to my collection, this time in black. I love how soft the white one is, and I do feel that it helps me stay a little warmer during the day. I always wear a top underneath my shirts and sweaters, so having these two is a great winter addition will likely I use daily along with my other white and black H&M tops.

Should my these purchases work out, I think I will be done purchasing cardigans, sweaters, and t-shirts for now. Next month I may add a few more buttoned shirts and perhaps a pair of corduroy pants to my work clothing collection. I still want to buy an Alpaca wool cardigan, but perhaps this will become more urgent in December when snow finally arrives.

Possible Additional Purchases:

Depending on my budget this month, I would like to add another scarf and another pair of shoes to my collections.

Scarf Options:

  1. Johnstons of Elgin Woven Scarf – Cashmere-Wool-Silk
Image from Sierra Trading Post.
                                     Image from Sierra Trading Post.

Johnstons of Elgin is a company from the north of Scotland that specialized in making clothes out of Scottish Cashmere. I’ve been interested in purchasing something from them, but their expensive clothing price range is currently preventing me from taking the plunge. In the meantime, Sierra Trading Post does carry some select items, including this beautiful woven scarf. I’d like to wait for one of STP’s legendary coupons before making this purchase (price is $149.95, plus shipping), if I decide to buy it. It’s made of 48% cashmere, 27% extra fine wool, and 25% silk.

2. Peruvian Connection – Baby Alpaca & Silk Mineral Tweed Scarf

Image from the Peruvian Connection website.
            Image from the Peruvian Connection website.

Alternatively, this (smaller) scarf is made of luxurious Baby Alpaca (70%), and Silk (30%), and looks like it would add warmth and style to most of my clothing ensembles. It is slightly cheaper at $79.00, plus shipping (free during this weekend, though!), and satisfies my curiosity about Alpaca wool.


My feet have been getting colder in my flats, which is making me consider looking for loafers or oxfords. I’ve read some positive reviews of Everlane’s Modern Loafer, but I wonder if it would: A. Help me keep my feet warm (socks + loafers = ?), and B. Look feminine enough to fit my style.

Screenshot of the Modern Loafer webpage.
                             Screenshot of the Modern Loafer webpage.

It currently costs $170, plus shipping, which is pretty much what I would pay for my handmade flats. I haven’t seen reviews about the durability of these loafers, so I am somewhat hesitant to purchase them. I may prefer to wait and instead opt for Church’s oxfords, as I’ve read they are extremely durable, and since I may actually be able to wear them with socks.

Screenshot of some of Church's offerings.
                              Screenshot of some of Church’s offerings.

Their loafers are priced significantly higher ($450-$570) and seem to be more difficult to find online. They are certainly quite masculine as well. I’ll have to think about this one a little while longer.

What is on your purchase list for October? Have you bought anything from the recent UNIQLO x Lemaire collection? Would you buy Everlane loafers or Church’s oxfords? Please share your comments below! 


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