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September Ballerinas: Porselli Ballet Flats First Impression

As I mentioned in my September updated shopping list post, I’ve been looking for new flats to replace my pink and black Tieks. They were wonderful shoes at first, but they ultimately put too much pressure on the back of my heels and they were uncomfortable when I tried to wear them during my recent trip to Israel, Spain, and Belgium. As I mentioned before, reading about these flats on a blog I absolutely love reading (Aesthetic Alterations – highly recommended if you love fashion and Hermés!) really convinced me I should give this one a try. 

I made my purchase after much deliberation and the realization that once I sell my Tieks I will only have a pair of  blue suede Geox flats that are, in my opinion, great for summer, but not Fall/Winter since they are supposed to have a “breathable” rubber sole. I don’t know about you, but black flats are the main staple of my wardrobe, and the idea of not having one was also worrying me; I mean, what am I supposed to wear everyday? With teaching resuming this coming Tuesday, I decided to make my second September purchase ASAP.

After some light Googling, I realized I can order these flats directly from Italy for less than they cost in the U.S.
After some light Googling, I realized I can order these flats directly from Italy for less than they cost in the U.S.

So, on August 31st I ordered my black Ballet flats from Pierotucci, for $173 (DHL shipping included). The flats arrived September 3rd, and I am happy to report they are exactly what I was expecting.

Porselli 1

My shoe size tends to fall between 5 and 5.5 (or 35/35.5), and I ordered mine in size 35 since I assume the leather will stretch. Seeing these flats in person, I’m really glad that’s the size I chose since the leather is quite fine and somewhat thin. That’s not to say I think the leather is too thin or won’t hold up; rather, I mean that the leather will conform to the shape of my feet with use, and I don’t want it to over-stretch.

Porselli 2

Interestingly, the flat comes with string you can adjust for a tighter fit. This is reassuring, because I do think the leather will stretch and the string (which I tied into a bow) will help unsure these will stay on my feet. I’m also happy to report that it’s very unlikely that this flat will be as uncomfortable as my Tieks, in that the back of the flat does not put any pressure on the back of my heel. Hooray for not being able to fold! Just a side note, although I appreciated the Tieks ability to fold, I never really needed them to do that. Instead, they seem to try to fold in half with my feet in them, leaving an odd gap in the middle of the shoe when I sat down.

Wearing an ancient H&M t-shirt, Rag & Bone black leggings, and my new black Porselli ballerina flats.
Wearing an ancient H&M t-shirt, Rag & Bone black leggings, and my new black Porselli ballerina flats.

The look of these flats is quite delicate and feminine. The shine these flats have really adds to the overall look of this pair of flats and I think this will help me maintain a polished look when I wear these to work. Being a teacher, I really need my shoes to be comfortable for standing and walking around (I rarely sit down), and I’m optimistic these will fit the bill. I’ll write a more detailed review once I’ve had a while to use them.

Porselli 4

Even though Michigan is a frozen tundra during the Winter months, I wear my flats the whole year. I simply walk into the building wearing my snow boots (Simmens Waterproof Leather boots made by UGG), and then change to flats. I plan on doing the same with these flats, but I do worry about the kind of traction they offer. After all, the bottom of the flats are also made of leather and I seriously wonder how it will do in the rain. I’m debating having the bottom resoled with some sort of rubber, to avoid comically falling down as I walk down the middle school halls.

I’ll update this post with a link to a more detailed review once I start wearing this pair regularly. If all goes well, it’s certainly possible I’ll be ordering this pair soon!

Update! May 2016

I wanted to add a quick update. I actually no longer have these flats (recently donated) since I managed to really beat them up after about 3 months of constant wear. This isn’t new – I damaged my Tieks just as quickly the year before (Image of the damage coming soon so that you can judge for yourself).

Basically, the coating at the front of the shoe started pealing off, and so did my shoe soles. The latter annoyed me since I realized I’ll need to find a new cobbler, and made wearing the shoe even less comfortable as I felt like it was pealing off while I was teaching.  I also started to feel uncomfortable wearing them all day. If at all possible, they were simply too flat and therefore not so comfortable. That was odd for me, since I’ve been wearing flat flats for years. I’m guessing, though, that this is to do with aging more than the shoe.

Do I see myself buying another pair in the future? Absolutely. They won’t be my go-to shoes, but I am sure I’ll enjoy wearing them. I know I’m not easy on my shoes, so I’ll be buying patent leather flats with a low heel next.


Which flats are your favorite? Have you worn these Porselli flats before? Share your experience below.


4 thoughts on “September Ballerinas: Porselli Ballet Flats First Impression

  1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll have to check those out. Do you switch to different shoes during winter? I think I won’t put on the soles again because I find that they tend to fall away from the shoe very quickly.


  2. Hi! I use EVERYDAY only ballet flats because they are too comfy and pretty elegant, I definitely love Anna Baiguera “Annette” and Spelta’s “Nicole”.
    I usually wear out my flats by six or seven months of continue walking but I never put on them rubber soles (I live in Italy).


  3. That’s wonderful! I’ve actually debated adding one to my collection in a fun color to add to my shoe rotation. I think wearing mine constantly really destroyed it quickly! I also had a rubber sole added, and I would totally do that again, because it helped me stay stable when wearing them around wet floors.


  4. I have three pairs of Porselli flats and love them, but I don’t wear them constantly and had rubber traction put in the bottom to protect the sole! I also really like Anniel flats.


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