September Purchase List Round 2: Uniqlo & The Capsule Wardrobe Core Collection

In the past few weeks, I’ve finally started using my capsule-esque clothing collection. Unfortunately, as I use the items I do have while temperatures continue to dip towards their usual freezing levels, I am realizing that my clothing collection isn’t exactly as I need it to be yet. Thus, September shopping round 2 has commenced.

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The Quest for “Me” Time: Lindsay Modeling Masks, All Nature Organic Houttuynia Cordata Sheet Mask, and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Making a Habit of Relaxing:

We all lead very busy lives, with lots of commitments and things to accomplish, especially on the weekend. In recent years, my weekends have been packed full of activities I don’t particularly enjoy (grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry…), and I find that I sometimes feel quite burned out when Monday rolls around. One of my goals as I start this school year has been to carve out some relaxation time.

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September Ballerinas: Porselli Ballet Flats First Impression

As I mentioned in my September updated shopping list post, I’ve been looking for new flats to replace my pink and black Tieks. They were wonderful shoes at first, but they ultimately put too much pressure on the back of my heels and they were uncomfortable when I tried to wear them during my recent trip to Israel, Spain, and Belgium. As I mentioned before, reading about these flats on a blog I absolutely love reading (Aesthetic Alterations – highly recommended if you love fashion and Hermés!) really convinced me I should give this one a try. Read More »