Updated September Shopping List: Pima Cotton, Tieks, and Scarves

You might be wondering why I am already making changes to the substantial shopping list, since I compiled it just last week. With the arrival of cold temperatures in Michigan recently, I was confronted with the fact that I have donated most (or a good 85%) of my winter clothes in June. As I stood there, looking at the remaining shirts in my closet (most of which I don’t necessarily like), I realized that buying anything short sleeve or no sleeve at this point is probably not a great move on my part.  To that end, I’ve decided to buy several white 3/4 shirts this month, to make sure I was ready for any cold days ahead.Read More »

A Year with Blue Apron and Plated – Thoughts and Mini Review

About a year and half ago, I heard of Blue Apron and Plated and was quite thrilled with the possibility of not having to think about what to make for dinner. It took me about six month to convince my husband that we should give them a try, and we’ve been using them since. Actually, we’ve stopped using Plated recently, and I’ll talk about that in a bit. Since we’ve used these services for such a long time I’ve had some time to contemplate about them and thought I could offer a different view than what I had initially read about them online. Please note that this post mainly refers to our experience using these services for a family of two. I’m not sure how this would work for a larger family.

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Hermés Purchase and Planning Tale P.2 Round Up: Scarf, Twilly, Evelyne, and Calvi

In my last post I discussed getting to the Hermés store in Brussels looking like a huge mess, after pretty much 24 hours of travel by bus, train, and plane. I’ve decided to shorten this series, as I am not sure I can contribute much by sharing my experience except to say that the PurseForum thread discussing treatment at Hermés stores had truly terrified me.Read More »

Hermés Purchase and Planning Tale P.1 + Accessories Round Up

When my husband and I decided to go on our recent Europe + Israel mega vacation, we decided that it might be time to splurge. I was looking at purchasing a used Louis Vuitton bag, and in the process of researching the brand and bags (and talking about it like there’s nothing else in the world), my husband suggested we each take a budget and go crazy  we purchase a few items we really want in the luxury bag “department”.

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