Skincare Review

Skincare Tale of Woe

As I sit here and type this post today I am in the midst of the worst (absolutely worst) skin irritation / reaction I’ve ever experienced in my life. Actually, one could argue that my skin has been going through quite a prolonged allergic reaction for the last month and half. Please note that this… Continue reading Skincare Tale of Woe

Travel Log

The Pack: Packing a Carry-On for 3 Weeks

In recent years, lost luggage has become a reality for my family. It happens with alarming regularity, so much so, that my husband and I have recently decided that it’s a top priority for us to not not check luggage, unless we absolutely must. For my upcoming trip to Spain, Israel, and Belgium I’ve decided to… Continue reading The Pack: Packing a Carry-On for 3 Weeks