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Polish It: Karma Organics Nail Polish Review

A few years ago I read somewhere that a less toxic nail polish is out there, and was curious to try to find one. I mean, if I am going to put something on my nails on a semi-regular basis, I’d like to minimize the effect it might have on my body- as negligible (or not) it might be. So, off I went looking and found two brands that seemed interesting: Karma Organics and Scotch Naturals.

The two colors.
The two colors.

I had a few other items to purchase from Abe’s Market who sells Karma Organics polishes, so I got these two along with my order:

  1. The (ach, horribly named) “Christian Gray” polish, due to it’s very understated color. I wanted something I could wear to work without drawing too much attention while still adding to a polished and professional look.
  2. The “2 In 1 Nail Polish Base Coat” since I didn’t have a top coat polish at the time.
These are the polishes I ordered. They are made in the U.S., which is a great bonus!
These are the polishes I ordered. They are made in the U.S., which is a great bonus!

I Love the fact that these polishes are “free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalate), camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, and parabens.”

The color of the CG polish looks great on my nails, and is truly understated. Since I wear this to work, I wanted a color that would just create a polished look rather than stand out. It certainly does that! This nail polish usually lasts on my nails for about 3 days before it starts showing any signs of wear. Really, that’s not bad considering I wash my hands repeatedly throughout the day.

This pooch drools a lot, hence the constant hand washing! Working at a middle school is another reason.
This pooch drools a lot, hence the constant hand washing. Working at a middle school doesn’t help matters, either!

The top coat helps ensure I don’t smudge my nail polish all over when I make my Etsy orders, so I am quite pleased with it. I also use it as a base coat, and my nails haven’t been stained at all by the CG nail polish. The smell of this polish is similar to other polishes, and the finish is as shiny as with other brands. The color I chose is actually a soft beige, which looks really subtle with one coat. I removed this polish with a non-acetone remover, by the way.

This is how these look when I apply only one coat of the Christian Gray color.

Having Said That… I am not a patient person, I’ll admit it. I don’t know if I don’t wait long enough between coats or what, but I find that when I apply the CG color nail polish in two coats it just never seems to dry. Even when the top coat itself is dry, the color polish underneath remains squishy for days. It always ends up looking textured, which isn’t the look I was going for. Applying only one coat of color seems to help matters, and it does eventually dry.

Note to self: painting nails before bedtime, is not a great idea! Occasionally, I get so busy it’s the only time I have to apply it. This isn’t the nail polish for these type of occasions, rather I would use it when you have time to wait for it to dry leisurely.

The top/base coat is great when trying to avoid
The top/base coat is great when trying to avoid “polish smudges” on paper.

Final Thoughts:

I will be purchasing more of these in the future, although I really wish that this nail polish would dry better and faster. I like the idea behind this type of polish, and the price point seems OK. It’s possible that I am so used to other fast drying polishes, and I’d love to hear if you’ve used these kind of polishes and have had a similar or different experience. I think that this brand offers a great alternative to the more toxic-leaden options out there, and these do appear to be sold in a variety of beautiful colors. I will be trying Scotch Naturals next, and see how these two compare.

Love this color, and it goes really nicely with my monochrome outfits.
Love this color, and it goes really nicely with my monochrome outfits.

I purchased the CG polish here and the top/base polish here, but they are also available on Amazon, although they seem to cost a little more there.

Here are some of the colors I plan on trying next: Champagne Toast, Curtain Call, and Totes South Hampton.


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