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The Capsule-esque Wardrobe Idea (or How I Cleaned My Closet and What I Plan To Do About It): Part I

When I started my teaching internship, I decided I was an adult. Mind you, I was already 29 and married, but a real grown-up job-like situation of being semi employed seemed like my first adult experience. Since I was an official adult, I also needed adult-like clothing, and I decided to shop at Loft, since they had lots of 60% off sales, and the clothes seemed streamlined and pretty.

Loft 1
I have two of these Loft shirts, and they’ve consistently made the cut. Polyester as they may be, they are quite comfortable!

As you know, brand loyalty (i.e. total laziness) is my passion of mind. I decided that that’s where I would shop and stuck to it! It was difficult to find professional looking clothes that fit me, and looked decent. Loft offered both, and for a while it was really amazing. Each visit brought with it great finds, and since I needed so many items the prices also worked for me. Yet, the main reason I no longer shop there began to become more and more apparent. Teachers love Loft. All of them. Young, and older. And since I can be vain…seeing other teachers occasionally wear the same outfit as myself would cause me to take some shirts out of rotation, and assume I’ll use it when I’m not at work. Anecdotal twinsiness was OK, but then…

These two also keep making the cut!
These two also keep making the cut!

I was hired to work in my current district and the first big closet purge occurred. I could basically see all my shirts worn daily by other teachers. It drove me crazy, and this was my first indication that perhaps Loft was not for me. I decided to get rid of most of my shirts, and look for a new place to shop. It’s been a rocky shopping road, let me tell you (more on this as the blog develops). See, the school year has ended, and I have very few items I actually want to see and wear again come September. I shopped a lot, but not much as worked out for me- I’m looking at you J Crew and your terrible sweaters! – and this lack of clothing has left me quite frustrated.

A short while ago, I read this blog post and decided I loved the concept. I mean, really, wouldn’t it be better to be purposeful when shopping? Limiting the amount I purchase would prevent me from excessive spending, would help me curate a closet I loved, and would help me avoid another pet peeve of mine: no more shopping for lots of items that are mostly disposable within a month or two – looking at you, H&M!

And thus started my latest closet purge.

The purge!
The purge!

This what I ended up with, and in Part II I’ll discuss how I plan on tracking my items (hello Spreadsheets!), how I am going to determine what I still need to shop for, and how I plan on shopping from now on.


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