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Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out: Juice Beauty Daily Hydrating Solutions Kit Review

In my quest to reduce the overall dryness and redness of my skin, I’ve searched for a product line that is both organic and hydrating. Juice Beauty seemed to tick these two boxes, so let’s talk about it’s performance and why it didn’t work out.


Juice Beauty sells a kit called “Daily Hydrating Solutions” which includes:

•2 oz. Cleansing Milk

•.5 oz GREEN APPLE™ Peel, Sensitive

•.26 oz. Antioxidant Serum

•1 oz. Hydrating Mist

•.5 oz. Nutrient Moisturizer


Screenshot of the Juice Beauty website, and the kit.
Screenshot of the Juice Beauty website, and the kit.


  1. Look! A whole skincare routine!
  2. The EWG rates this company and the ingredients they use very highly. Or should I say, lowly? Either way, it seems safe to use.
  3. Easy access! My love of Amazon Prime is endless.
  4. Hm. A chemical-based peel can help me exfoliate without the added bonus of broken capillaries.


I started using this kit (as suggested) as soon as I got it, which was in March 2015. I decided that if I was going to really deal with my skin being SO VERY dry, I should adopt a full routine and hop-onto-it without carefully introducing one product at a time. Time was of the essence, people. I couldn’t keep scratching my face in public.

Moisturizer: At first, the moisturizer didn’t seem like it did anything, but I assumed that this was due to my skin being so dehydrated. The smell is herby, but not in a bad way. The cream is so thick and almost felt like I was trying to rub sunscreen onto my face. My skin would still flake by around noon, no matter how much of it I slathered on my face. But ever the optimist, when I finished my kit sized version of it, I still felt like I wasn’t convinced that it was or wasn’t working for me. I still needed more data.

This is the full size version of the moisturizer.
This is the full size version of the moisturizer.

I decided to stop using it, switch only to the serum, and see what happens. See, by about 4 weeks in, I had a constant rash on my forehead and I wondered if this was the problem. It was the serum, so I decided to buy the full version of this moisturizer. After another 3 weeks had passed, I decided this was not working for me. I can only scratch my face so much.

The consistency is very very thick, and paste-like.
The consistency is very very thick, and paste-like.

Mist: the mist felt amazing, at first. It felt hydrating, and the idea of using it mid-day to avoid flakiness seemed like heaven. I really didn’t think it wasn’t working for me until after I bought the full-sized version of it and was attempting to use it to moisturize my face by spritzing it approximately 7 times in a row during a particularly long day at school. This taught me that mists are interesting, but if I have to use them repeatedly they are probably not working for me.

Ah...the mist. I had such high hopes! This is the full-size version.
Ah…the mist. I had such high hopes! This is the full-size version.

The serum: Felt weird, since it just seemed to sit on my skin and do nothing much. I knew from talking to my mom that serums are what: A. Adults use. and B. Helps ensure your face is really moisturized. So, I decided to persist. I decided to buy a full-size version that I could return if it didn’t work out. See, I suspected that it was causing breakouts, but I couldn’t prove it since I started the whole routine at once. You’ll see that this is a mistake I don’t actually learn from.

Long story short… It was the culprit. The moment I stopped using it, my dry skin stopped being dried AND bumpy.

Honorable Mention: Cleansing Milk:  So very gentle on my skin, that it fails to remove any foundation from my face; yet, is perfectly awesome when it comes to removing mascara and eyeliner! This travel sized cleanser is the one this I still use from this brand.

The cleansing milk and washcloth.

The Peel: I got nothing. I used it a few times, and it felt tingly. I didn’t see any major or minor improvement, but this seems like one of those products you use consistently to see results. I may try it again in the future.

And Finally…

Love: The ingredients, the generous travel size, and the idea if it.

Hate: Lack of any help for my skin type, and constant irritation.

Meh: The peel. An interesting replacement option for regular exfoliation, since I can’t use the Clarisonic.

Leftover Plans: I now use the face moisturizer as a body moisturizer, and ensure sufficient hydration by mixing it with Argan oil. The face mist…Well, I have no clue how to use it up. Do you?

If you have truly dry skin, I have doubts that this would work for you. Beware of the serum, too, if you have sensitive skin. I really wanted this one to work…Alas, it really didn’t.


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