Polish It: Karma Organics Nail Polish Review

A few years ago I read somewhere that a less toxic nail polish is out there, and was curious to try to find one. I mean, if I am going to put something on my nails on a semi-regular basis, I’d like to minimize the effect it might have on my body- as negligible (or not) it might be. So, off I went looking and found two brands that seemed interesting: Karma Organics and Scotch Naturals.

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The Capsule-esque Wardrobe Idea (or How I Cleaned My Closet and What I Plan To Do About It): Part II

The Purge:

I must say, part of the reason I cleaned out my closet so throughly was all due to Volunteers of America coming to take donations from my curbside. This was a great motivator to look through my stuff and know that everything I give will make a difference somehow. It also made me quite merciless in deciding to toss items: if I don’t love it, someone who needs it will use it. Isn’t that better?

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The Sticky Chronicles: Eminence Stone Crop Set Review

Quick disclaimer before I get started: I used this set for about 3 weeks before totally giving up on it, which perhaps isn’t the greatest. See, skin cell turnover rates at my age seem to take about 30-40 days, so normally I’d like to give a product this much time before making up my mind about it. I want to really know how my skin reacts to it, and not waiting long enough means I can’t tell if I’m having some weird reaction to something, or what.

However, knowing I am about to go on a 3 weeks trip abroad, I just didn’t have enough time to wait for full results and it became quickly apparent that this wasn’t going to be a product I would love. I needed to find a replacement to it quickly, and I am using a new whole skincare regime right now in preparation for my trip abroad that I will discuss in future posts. With that in mind, let’s get started.

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The Capsule-esque Wardrobe Idea (or How I Cleaned My Closet and What I Plan To Do About It): Part I

When I started my teaching internship, I decided I was an adult. Mind you, I was already 29 and married, but a real grown-up job-like situation of being semi employed seemed like my first adult experience. Since I was an official adult, I also needed adult-like clothing, and I decided to shop at Loft, since they had lots of 60% off sales, and the clothes seemed streamlined and pretty.

Loft 1
I have two of these Loft shirts, and they’ve consistently made the cut. Polyester as they may be, they are quite comfortable!

As you know, brand loyalty (i.e. total laziness) is my passion of mind. I decided that that’s where I would shop and stuck to it! It was difficult to find professional looking clothes that fit me, and looked decent. Loft offered both, and for a while it was really amazing. Each visit brought with it great finds, and since I needed so many items the prices also worked for me. Yet, the main reason I no longer shop there began to become more and more apparent. Teachers love Loft. All of them. Young, and older. And since I can be vain…seeing other teachers occasionally wear the same outfit as myself would cause me to take some shirts out of rotation, and assume I’ll use it when I’m not at work. Anecdotal twinsiness was OK, but then…

These two also keep making the cut!
These two also keep making the cut!

I was hired to work in my current district and the first big closet purge occurred. I could basically see all my shirts worn daily by other teachers. It drove me crazy, and this was my first indication that perhaps Loft was not for me. I decided to get rid of most of my shirts, and look for a new place to shop. It’s been a rocky shopping road, let me tell you (more on this as the blog develops). See, the school year has ended, and I have very few items I actually want to see and wear again come September. I shopped a lot, but not much as worked out for me- I’m looking at you J Crew and your terrible sweaters! – and this lack of clothing has left me quite frustrated.

A short while ago, I read this blog post and decided I loved the concept. I mean, really, wouldn’t it be better to be purposeful when shopping? Limiting the amount I purchase would prevent me from excessive spending, would help me curate a closet I loved, and would help me avoid another pet peeve of mine: no more shopping for lots of items that are mostly disposable within a month or two – looking at you, H&M!

And thus started my latest closet purge.

The purge!
The purge!

This what I ended up with, and in Part II I’ll discuss how I plan on tracking my items (hello Spreadsheets!), how I am going to determine what I still need to shop for, and how I plan on shopping from now on.

Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out: Juice Beauty Daily Hydrating Solutions Kit Review

In my quest to reduce the overall dryness and redness of my skin, I’ve searched for a product line that is both organic and hydrating. Juice Beauty seemed to tick these two boxes, so let’s talk about it’s performance and why it didn’t work out.

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About My Skin, Before the Reviewing Begins.

As I prepare to post my first skin care product(s) review, I decided to create a post with background information that I can later link to my reviews. This will be detailed, and I sense it will only make sense when you read it before/during/after my reviews.

I strive to provide honest and detailed reviews, which are by no means based on any professional knowledge.I am providing details about my own skin because I think it’s important that you know what I am dealing with so that you know why something worked or didn’t work for my particular skin/needs. If you have perfect/oily/dehydrated/combination/normal skin, than you can assume my review might not work for you. If you had a different experience with a product, do leave a comment or let me know! As you know, sharing is caring.

My Skin: Face Edition!

Dry like the desert, is what it usually feels like. This has been a recurring issue for me since I can remember. Patchy, flaky, itchy, and many more descriptive words that amount to the driest skin ever.

Yes, this is a picture of chickens in the desert. That seems right.

Genetics has blessed (?) me with what I describe as surface veins all over my face, and waxing (thanks Middle Eastern heritage!) my ‘stach as a young lady caused some giant blue veins to pop out, making the permanent illusion of having a Bar Mitzvah mustache. This has meant that I can’t use Clarisonic without breaking some capillaries, which has meant I can’t exfoliate with such devices. Really. I’ve tried.

I’ve never had acne or persistent pimples. My skin seems to be quite sensitive, so many times I’ll get some rash/irritation when trying new products. The worse reaction I’ve had to a product was red/congested-feeling skin and I work to avoid that whenever possible. Yet…I lack patience. More on that in a bit.

My main skin care product wish/dream/hope/desire/concern is to find something moisturizing, and hydrating, without breakouts due to irritation. For years, I’ve also sought products that could deliver that with minimum ingredients or all natural ingredients. Times, they have ever so slightly, changed. I now am less of a natural skin care purist, and more of a…give me some natural ingredients and I’ll be fine. .

I'd rather have this imagery associated with my skin.
I’d rather have this imagery associated with my skin.

A Little Skincare Routine Background:

During my teens and twenties I only used a moisturizer, and somehow it seemed OK at the time. That is, until the formulation of my one moisturizer changed and it no longer seemed to be remotely effective. This lead me to seek out a new product, my holy grail if you will, that would make the dryness go away. Sadly, turning thirty (and the internet at large) has opened my eyes to the reality that my “one moisturizer to rule them all” approach is not going to work. This, of course, was after trying obscure creams that caused my skin to turn bright red for about a month and a well known natural cream that felt like it did nothing at all.

This is the conclusion I reached about 6 months ago, with some help from wretched Michigan winter coldness, and it prompted me to look for a whole regime type of thing. I needed immediate hydration because itching my face vigorously can’t be something my students want to see me do. Further, middle schoolers are m

ore honest than not, in my experience, and I like getting compliments rather than the “awwe! What’s wrong with your face?” comments that are trademarked for that age group.

So, being that I am lazy and in dire need of my skin not flaking off like a snake, I decided to look for a whole regime or skincare routine that focused on hydration. What does laziness have to do with it? I like being brand-loyal. If I find a brand that works for me and meets my (now low) natural ingredient standard, I’m all in!

What about make up?

Laziness also enters the equation here. I like my foundation/BB/CC cream to be SPF-filled to avoid having to wear sunscreen (a mistake – I know). I am also a strictly eyeliner and mascara gal. Lately, I’ve been thinking about using lip tints, though!

So, with all of this in mind…Let the reviewing commence! I promise to update my reviews when/if my opinions change, or if I stop using a product I previously loved.

First Post

I’m not great with new beginnings (or endings, for that matter), so let’s just get started assuming I’ve been blogging for a while! I have attempted to blog before, but I found that I really had nothing much to say. This time, I’ve decided to combine all my current interests into one blog, and see what happens. You can choose to read about my travels, shopping, finances, planning, teaching, my Etsy store, skin care… And who knows what else. I’m hoping that by creating easy navigation/tagging, readers would be able to focus on what they are interested and ignore the rest.

Since this is summer and I am on break, I’ll probably be blogging a lot more than I will in the future. I’ll try to have a set blogging schedule, since consistency is something I appreciate in most form.

Let’s see how goes!

If you’d like to read about me, check out my about page.