Ode to Scrubs: Siam SEAS and Herbivore

There’s something very indulgent in taking the time to use body scrubs, but it can be a total bummer if the one you use is lackluster. Sometimes it’s the smell, the formula, the grains, or simply the sense that no benefit was gained from the process. In an effort to avoid this, I wanted to highlight the two body scrubs that I’ve enjoyed most, and can really recommend if you are in the mood for a little self-care.

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A Year With Hermes Picotin Review: The Bag I Learned To Love

It’s been about a year and a half since I purchased my black Hermes Picotin, my second Hermes bag. And you know what? It wasn’t love at first sight, but we’ve grown very fond of each other. Let’s review.

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On Writing

If you’ve ever seen my Etsy store, you already know my love of all things paper. While I like to keep most things digital, I think some occasions do call for writing, pen on paper. In this post I’d like to share some of my favorite paper and pen products, as I’ve been really enjoying mine recently.

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Transparancy P.3: Shopping Challenge Update – 12 Items in 12 Months

In an effort to continue to be transparent, I thought it was time to post an eight month update on my plan to only shop for 12 clothing items and 12 accessories in 2017. Spoiler alert: much failing is about to be discussed.

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Transparency P.2: The ‘Highly Curated Closet’ Uniform Dressing Edition

In thinking about being honest and open about hard work, experiences, and life (unpolished) I think it’s time for a quick update on what it’s been like to wear a ‘Steve Jobs’ style uniform for the last six months. If you think this might be something you may try, this is what my experiences have truly been like.

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Transparency P.1: Thoughts About Discussing Worth and Effort

As I sit here to write a new post I must admit that I’ve been debating the topic of what it means to be transparent.

Looking through Instagram, I worry that my own sense of reality gets distorted by looking at images that show a lot of fun and very little hard work. A lot of consumerism, but very little care about people or the environment. A lot of curated moments, but very little of one’s true reality. A lot of fashion that I can’t connect with, and very few clothing repeats.

I think the same can be said about how we share our experiences with the world around us. When we highlight that which is glamours and hide that which was hard work, we foster the perception of a distorted reality in which our lives are always amazing, even when it truly isn’t. I think we pay a price for that, and perhaps that price isn’t worth it.

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