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Engagement Ring Lost: Planning for a Replacement

When I got engaged I only wanted one kind of engagement ring: a memory-imbued one. I was looking for a ring that wasn’t just an object that had cost a lot of money, but rather a memento that had a connection to my family history.

Skincare Review

Spring – Summer Skincare Routine – 2017 Edition Ft. Siam SEAS and Laurel

A change in temperature and skincare products have done wonders for my perpetually parched, occasionally blemished, skin. Here’s how this magic is happening.

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Shopping Update: May-June

It’s been a while, blog of mine. Two months, really. I’ve had to prioritize my store when I had some down time, as it turned into a very busy end of the school year. You’ll hear no complaints from me, though. And as my summer break begins in earnest, I thought I’d take some time… Continue reading Shopping Update: May-June

Skincare Review

Skincare Update: Siam SEAS Elements Beauty Balm, Laurel Antioxidant Facial Serum, and Kypris Cleanser Concentrate

My skincare shuffle seemed to have yielded some interesting results. Let’s explore and discuss my next purchase round.

Closet Chronicals

Shopping Update: February-March

If you may recall, I’ve decided to challenge myself to become even more deliberate in my shopping habits in 2017, so I created a list of 12 items of clothing and 12 accessories I intend to buy this year. Here are the latest updates.

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When Stress Beckons

My life has turned quite stress-filled lately as my work requires more… Well, work… than usual, while my time to just do nothing has increasingly dwindled with other responsibilities taking up leisure time I once had. Self care has recently been making headlines as a way to reduce stress, and in this post I’d like to share… Continue reading When Stress Beckons

Skincare Review

Winter Skincare Shuffle – February Edition

In college, I took a course (and even wrote a long thesis paper) about decision making processes. I focused on a political figure and his particular style of reaching a decision, learning along the way that our minds do get less effective at making decisions the more we are called on to make many decisions.… Continue reading Winter Skincare Shuffle – February Edition